Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hippo Check Up

Many people have asked me if this pregnancy seems different than being pregnant with Georgia. I would have to say this is a prime example- I haven't posted about Hippo 2 since our initial Dr vsit! With Georgia I was counting every day, hour, minute I was pregnant, but this time I'm lucky to remember what week I'm on!

I went to the Dr on Thurday and checked in on our littlest Hippo. All's well and Hippo continues to grow. According to, Hippo is about the size of a turnip this week. (Luckily they also show this picture of a turnip b/c I have no idea what they look like!)

I heard Hippo's heartbeat galloping away, which is always my favorite part. We are 17 weeks now and both momma and baby are feeling well!

Next month we have our big ultrasound and will probably find out if we have a boy or girl Hippo coming! Having it be a surprise with Georgia was awesome and I loved doing it that way. But for some reason we just want to know this time- be more mentally prepared, I guess. I'm excited! And I know all our family and friends that we drove crazy by not finding out last time are excited!

Well, that's the Hippo update- I just didn't want to completly neglect the little one! Next month we'll have really fun news to share- make your bets now: Boy/Girl!!! Since I don't have any pictures of Hippo, except that crazy turnip, here's a few of Georgia- b/c you know I always have Georgia pictures! :)
Dada & Georgia relaxing after a long week.
Enjoying blackberries- and turning pink all over!

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Anonymous said...

What a mess you are missy!!! Why wasn't dada holding you while you ate those yummy blueberries??? I know you will be such a good big sister to little Hippo and we don;t care it it's a boy or girl- just as long as it's as cute as you! Love and kisses- Grammie!