Friday, August 15, 2008

All Snoogled Up

I have a new bed mate. Yes, my husband knows, and he might be a little jealous. You see, he might want one too!

It's a pregnancy pillow, called a Snoogle, and I'm loving it! I've always been a side-sleeper, which is what's required when you're pregnant, and wasn't a problem for me in my first pregnancy. But, for whatever reason, my body refuses to listen to my mind this time. It's like I'm top-heavy (or belly-heavy) and I always end up rolling onto my back now. My OB told me this is bad. Apparently I'm suffocating my baby boy when I lay too long on my back. Not good! More specifically, my increasingly-heavy uterus presses on the major vein that supplies blood to the baby, effectively cutting off his life-line! Really not good!

So, I've been trying to make do with more pillows propped all around me when I sleep. But they keep falling off the bed, and were also crowding my husband out of the bed, so I decided to try a pregnancy pillow. It's like a long, curving body pillow and wraps under my head at one end, and between my knees and under my belly at the other end. I can wrap it behind me so I can't roll over to my back. Last night I slept the best I have in months! (Although I also stayed up WAY too late to watch the USA take gold & silver in women's gymnastics!!)

If you're pregnant and having trouble sleeping, I recommend you try it. I got mine at babies r us ($52 and worth it! You can probably find it cheaper online)...



Shireen said...

Whoohoo! :)

I'm SO glad you found a good helper :) to keep you off your back, Kathryn!!

I might have to ck one of these out, and I promise you that Russell will steal it when I no longer need it! We call his extra bed pillow...his 'girlfriend.' :) He's so cute with it!

The Morrows said...

hey katherine- thanks for sharing in our excitement! i'm going to need lots of advice from all the experienced moms in the class!

Anonymous said...

So now you're a pregnancy model! I think you should print these and mail them with a big thank you to the pillow manufacturer...maybe they'll send you a gift certificate for something else you and Hippo #2 need!
love mom