Friday, August 1, 2008

Birthday BOY!!!

Larry's birthday finally got here- a week wasn't too bad to wait, was it?? Georgia and I just tried to keep busy to make the time pass quickly!

When Larry got home from work last night, we got dinner going then sat down together with his b-day presents and The Envelope. He slowly opened the envelope.... took out the card.... opened the card.... and, leaning over so close my nose was almost touching it, I saw those words on the ultrasound picture...

It's A Boy!

We are so excited!!! Georgia will have a little brother to boss around like she already does to the dog! She'll be a great big sis, and one day too soon he'll be big enough to "protect" his sweet sis. And Larry gets to have another boy in the house again! He admitted he was a little relieved, though he would have welcomed a sweet girl with just as much love & excitement.

The ultrasound lady had included two pictures of Hippo's "manhood" in the envelope- to prove it to us, I guess. I promised Hippo I wouldn't post those pictures, but let's just say it was very evident that he is all boy!

Thanks for waiting the extra week with us, and in just about 4 more months you'll get to meet our sweet baby boy!

PS- Want to know the worst part about Larry making me wait a week to find out? He told me he took the envelope to his work so I wouldn't be tempted to peek at it, but last night he revealed that the envelope was really sitting on the desk in our home office the whole time! Uggg!!!
We had Larry's family & the Phelps over for chocolate cake & homemade Vanilla ice cream- & singing Happy Birthday!
Georgia went around the room like a little bird saying "Bi, Bi, BI" (Bite!) until uncle Ernie picked her up & fed her half his ice cream!


Shireen said...


Well, happy b'day, Daddy! :) Congrats to ALL the Hippsters!

Man, I'm so happy for y'all!!!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!
So, the boy loves carbs! ;)

And that cake is BEAUTIFUL!! I could plant my face right in the middle of it! And did you say, "homemade vanilla icecream"? YUM! I've had's delicious!

Love y'all!!!!

The Pate Family said...

Congratulations!! I am so excited for you! Hopefully Aidan and Hippo 2 will be good friends one day! You are looking great and Happy Belated Birthday to Larry! :) Much love to all of you :)

Jenny said...

Yeah! Congratulations on the Baby Boy! Georgia will love being a big sister...I sure do! I hope you are all doing well!

Anonymous said...

yay!!!!!!!! congrats to you all!! just what our family needs...another boy!! :) i cant wait to meet the little guy. Im sure Georiga will be a great big sister! love you.

Anonymous said...

We are thrilled and pray Linc and Georgia Kate will be as close as you and Wes! I continue to just pray God continues to bless your beautiful family with all of the health and love you deserve. He has been so very good and we have so much to be thankful for! Come on our Linc and let's have this delivery be alot less exciting. My tickets are booked and I can't wait. I've already found some wonderful boy clothes!! Grammie