Tuesday, August 5, 2008

16 Months

Dear Georgia Kate,

You just flew through these last few months! You are over 16 months old now, and I decided it was past time for me to do one of your updates. You continue to grow and change so much! And I've never know such energy- you are constantly on the go and keep me going right alongside you! Here's some highlights from the last couple of months:

~ The sounds of playtime fill our house more than ever- squeals, shrieks, giggles and jabber as you race from one thing to the next. Bernie barking alongside you, balls bouncing, poppers popping and seemingly hundreds of musical toys all singing different tunes- at once! Why must all children's toys make noise??

~ You also add to the symphony with your many new words. I guess you decided since we don't understand your language, you'd try ours! A lot of your words sound the same but I can usually pick out which word you're trying to say... some are: this, that, fish, cheese, ball, bite, milk, bath, baby, hey, hello, bye... and some sounds: woof, moo, quack.

~ Another new word/sound is so cute it gets it's own space- "choo-choo"! You say it over & over while pumping your fist up, like you're pulling a train whistle. Every morning we can hear the Helena train from our house and you run to the window & "choo-choo"! I don't even think you know what a train looks like, but you love the sound it makes!

~ Your imagination is really starting to blossom & it's so fun to watch you play. You're beginning to "pretend" & also figure out new uses for familiar objects, like mixing & eating with a cup & shovel, playing with your babydoll & pushing her in the stroller, lining up your Noah's ark animals along the table, and rolling around with the dog.

~ Bernie is still your favorite playmate, though I think he'll be ready to let your new brother take over soon! You crawl on all fours like a dog, lay next to him, try to sit on him or ride him like pony, and give him kisses & pats. Sometimes you're a little rough, like trying to run him over with the stroller, or throwing toys at him- you're trying to learn what "gentle" means!

~ Eating- nothing new here... you live off of milk & dairy products, fruits & carbs. You continue to grow, so I gave up worrying about your pickyness! (Currently about 23 lbs & tall.) You are learning how to use a fork & spoon, and love using them! Ice cream is your favorite food, I think! Your molars are just starting to break thru, to add to your 7 front teeth (one still coming in), so hopefully those will help you eat better!

~ I don't think you understand that you're going to be a big sister, or that a baby is growing in mommy's tummy, but you do love to point out, pat & kiss my tummy, your tummy and even daddy's tummy, though he says his doesn't need kisses b/c there's no baby in there!

~ That strong, stubborn spirit continues and daddy & I are constantly on our toes! All three of us are learning consistency, firmness & boundries. We've started some serious disciplining & you are quick to respond, so I think we can learn to live in harmony!

~ You are still such a monkey & crawl all over everything. I caught you climbing up your changing table like it was a ladder one day- you were almost to the top! Thankfully you haven't tried to crawl out of your crib (don't read this & get any ideas!). Mommy & daddy are your indoor junglegyms, & you truly never are still!

~ We still have managed to get some snuggles & kissses from you as you learn how to be affectionate. It melts our hearts when you come lay your head against us in a snuggle, or how you give daddy good-morning kisses every day! I love how you will lay your head against my shoulder at bedtime- it's only for 5 seconds, but it is the best 5 seconds of my day!

Water baby~ 3 months & 15 months

Sweet dreams ~ 3 months & 16 months

Being with you almost every hour of every day, I think I sometimes don't notice how you've grown until it catches me at odd moments- how you fill up half of your crib, how tall you are against my leg, how strong you are to climb, push or carry something, how you understand what we say & can follow instructions, how well you can communicate your needs & emotions. We hope & pray that as you continue to grow, your understanding will include love & knowledge of God who continues to bless our family. He is growing you into such a beautiful, fun child- we are thankful every day to get to be a part of that!

We love you very much!
love, mommy


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The Phelps said...

I love your letters to GA! They are so sweet, I will have to do those one day myself. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

our baby girl is so blessed to have you as her mommy. I promise to remind her of that fact as she gets older and sassy! You have a gift with words kathryn and speak from the heart!! I love the pictures as they do show Georgia's many changes! Hugs and can't wait to hug to in person! mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Georgia--you go girl-- Your mama gave us the same treatment a few years ago-- stubborn and she refused to go to sleep at night. You are a little angel. We will see you soon and we can all welcome hippo home-- love you GrandDad

Kathryn said...

Thanks for your comments! Georgia sends all a big "Hallloo!" :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Geogia,
I look at your pictures frquently but never take time to write a note. I want you to know that I'm your nice nana and I love you lots. Your mom was a good little girl too! I used to take care of her when she was little. Your Grandma is my sister. Hopefully, we will get to see you and your new brother after Christmas. Take care of your mom. Love always, Nana

Kathryn said...

Thanks for commenting Auntie Trish! :) Hope your pups are behaving and school is starting well!