Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome, Baby Boy!

Lincoln Eli Hipp
officially came into the world, our family and our hearts
Monday, December 1st, 2008 at 6:25pm.
He surprised us all by weighing in at a whopping
8 pounds, 14 ounces
and is 2Italic0 inches.

Everyone has a birth story, and since we're basically just sitting at the hospital waiting till we can be discharged tonight, I'll give you the short story on Baby Lincoln...

I started having back pains about 4am Monday (boo- back labor again!). By 7am we were throwing Georgia in her car seat with a cereal bar and heading out into the morning rush hour to get to the hospital. Side story- on the way to the hospital the lady in the car behind us was rear-ended by the car behind her and she skidded to a stop inches from our bumper. Praise God-because I was not stopping for a fender-bender!
We met Matt & Sandy at the Summit and literally threw Georgia in their car with her toys and gear and headed on to the hospital. (THANK YOU aunt Sandy for watching her all day for us!) My mom was due in town Tuesday for Georgia-duty, so we were so grateful for the Phelps being our back-ups. Mom caught the first flight in to Bham and made it in time to be here for Lincoln's arrival, and has had Georgia for us since then.
I got admitted, and they hooked me up to the monitors, but after 2 hours I was not progressing much so they sent me on my way. This did not make me real happy b/c I was still contracting and just knew I was in real labor! Larry & I headed to Panera Bread to get some lunch and contemplate our next move. I kept contracting all thru lunch and as we finised our last bites, I looked up at Larry- "My water just broke!"
Yes- in Panera Bread.
Truly, I was thrilled because now I knew they would admit me to the hospital! So we left probable health-code violations at Panera and headed back- by the time we got there I was sitting in a puddle! I dripped my way up to my Dr's office, who confirmed my water had broke (duh!) and I finally got a room, a gown, and some meds!!
That was really the exciting part- from then on it went as well as could have. I labored, got my epidural, continued to labor, went from 6cm to 10cm in an hour, pushed for 25 mins, and my baby boy was born! The whole room gasped "whoa!" as the little chunker came out- even the doc had predicted him b/w 7-8lbs. Compared to Georgia who was 7 lbs 6oz, he is truly huge! He has adorable, pinchable, puffy cheeks, rolls on his arms and legs, and a double chin! He's beautful, healthy, eating well and a miracle! God has certainly blessed us with our babies and we are so grateful and give Him all the glory for them!
We go home tonight and will really start life as a foursome. Georgia came up to see her brother for a few hours, but mostly just ran around the room getting into stuff, like normal! She gave brother kisses and hugs and told him to "hush" as he wimpered- so bossy! I think it'll become more real to all of us as we get settled in at home.
Thank you for your prayers- we'll post more soon!


Anonymous said...

Welcome baby lincoln!!! He is so cute and I think georgia was very good with him- touching his cheeks and showing hom his nose, chin and fingers. He is definately ready for real baby clothes and prob will get min use of any newborn stuff. I think he wanted to get here so he could get settled in and root for UF to beat Alabama in the SEC championship Sat night! I'm so glad he and Kathryn are doing well and Georgia Kate and I made gingerbread cookies today to welcome the rest of the family home tonight! Love Grammie

Anonymous said...

HIPP HIPP Horrah for baby Lincoln! Sarah Grace and I are delighted and jumping for joy with his arrival!! Those Cheeks!! Can't wait to come and (squeeze them) see him in person. It's funny, You have been on my mind since Monday, and now I know why :) God has a way of putting people in your thoughts, in their time of need. All our love to you all!! - Sarah Grace and Mommy

Michelle and Jeremy said...

can't wait to come by and meet Lincoln.

Shireen said...

This is crazy! Monday morning, I was showering, and the Lord layed you on my heart to pray for your delivery! I had NO idea that you were in labor! I did pray! :)
I'm so thankful for the good experience. THank you for sharing it!! That is hilarious that your water broke at Panera!! :) HA!!!
Well, I'm sorry that Russell and I didn't make it to the hospital to visit. We've been busy, and I've been on the ups and downs with wonderful, pregnancy emotions. :)
We do want to come and visit you guys and meet Lincoln! We'll let y'all get as 'settled' as possible, but let me know when would be a good time. We could bring dinner and visit over dinner IF that works into your schedules over the next month. We'll be here...I can't travel for Christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Katherine! What a beautiful family!


Stephanie said...

Congratulations Kathryn!! Glad he's here and you're all doing well!

Anonymous said...

Kathryn, Larry and FAMILY---- This is GrandDad--- I knew I would miss the big event but I was confident that you would get the job done with no help from me.. I will be up soon to help where you need me. I'm glad Grammie could be there to grab you, Georgia, and you guys are having some fun bringing Lincoln home. I love you all and I am so blessed by God to have such a beautiful family. GrandDad

Ashley Matteo said...

congratulations on your baby boy, he is absolutely adorable! i will be praying for the 4 of yall to get adjusted at home. we are so happy for yall.

Misty said...

Congratulations! Lincoln is a cutie! Sandy had fun keeping Georgia practicing to be a mommy. :)
~Misty :)