Thursday, April 2, 2009

Georgia: Two Years

Georgia Kate,
I was looking back and can't believe the last "letter" I posted for you was at One and a half- so much has happened since then! And it amazed me how much you've changed and grown in 6 months! It happens right before my eyes, every day, and it's so neat to see how much you've learned. It's hard to make a list, but here are some highlights:

~I suppose the biggest change is that you are now a Big Sister, a role you have filled very naturally. It makes you seem so much bigger to us now that we have a baby in the house to compare you to. You have been so sweet to Lincoln and accepted your new role as best as I could ask. You give him lots of sweet kisses and love to run into his room in the morning saying "Hi Lincoln (kink-on), Hi Hi!!" I am very proud of what a great big sister you are learning to be!

~You are learning so many new words, and how to put those words together, even into short sentences. You have learned that you are "Georgia" (jaja) and will say "Georgia cookies" if you want something like cookies or "Georgia book" to identify that it's your book. I still often have to translate for you, but you are talking so much now and it's exciting to see you learn how to use your new words!

~It amazes me what a terrible eater you still are! I thought you might have grown an appetite by now! The main problem is that you don't like to try new things (much like your daddy) and mommy grows tired of making new foods for you to try, only to throw them away... though I still persist! So you eat a lot of the few things you eat- right now your fav. foods are peanut butter, bananas, teddy grahams, yogurt, grapes and cheese- still no meat or veggies. (Though I did get you to eat a few zucchini muffins- I can be sneaky with the veggies!)

~Despite this, you still are growing! We don't have your official measurements, since you haven't been to your 2-year checkup yet, but on our home scale you are almost 27 lbs. You are also definitely tall- taller than most of your 2-year old friends. You have a long torso, so you usually end up baring your midriff in t-shirts!

~You hair has also grown a lot! It hangs past your shoulders now and I can pull it into a ponytail. It's hard to believe you had such dark hair as an infant looking at your blond head now! It is fine and wispy and always fighting mommy's attempts to keep it in pigtails or bows. You still have never had a haircut- why cut it? It's finally getting long enough to pull it all back!

~I can see your creativity more and more in your playtime- you pretend- cook, make & serve tea, take care of your baby doll, read aloud, write and color, and you love to pretend-leave. You pack up your bag with your water cup, books, toys, put your baby in her car seat, give everyone & everything goodbye kisses and tell us Bye Bye! The whole process can take 15+ mins! It's a great way to get kisses from you! Another favorite game is playing doggie- you ruff ruff, carry things in your mouth and even give doggie-kisses: licks on the cheek! (yuck!) Since your bday, you're loving your new tricycle and driving your Jeep!

~It may be born of jealousy from all the lap-time your brother gets, but you have started seeking out cuddle-time, from anyone. You definitely seek out snuggles from daddy & I daily, which we gladly grant. You sometimes bring books with you, or just sit and lay your head against us. Even though we are sometimes busy or have our hands full, we will always love snuggles from our little girl!

~You have fully moved into "big girl" status with your big girl room and big girl bed. You've done pretty well with both, though you still have trouble settling INTO your bed and we often find you asleep OUT OF bed, somewhere on the floor- lately under your bed! Last night we even found you sleeping halfway under your bed, with lamby & pillow, and your pj's off!

~You can say your numbers 1 thru 10, though you usually skip "1" and lately have been saying "7, 18, 9"- I think you must have learned #18 from Sesame Street and think it belongs in there somehow! You can say them all by yourself, but only when you want to- not when we want to show you off! You can also say the alphabet, though you need more prompting to get all the way thru. And we have to hurry thru "E" or you start singing EIEIO!

~Speaking of singing, you still love music, singing and dancing. You often go to the computer and ask for Jump Jump, one of your favorite songs. You like to sing songs that have hand motions; some of our favs are: Itsy Bitsy spider, Patty Cake, Wheels on the Bus, and we're currently learning If I Were a Butterfly. Your favorite song right now is the little song daddy made up in the car one day to keep you occupied: "I love my daddy! (mommy, Lincoln, milk, etc) My daddy loves me!" It's so sweet when you start singing it randomly! You also love daddy's guitars and playing "drums".

I probably could go on and on (yes- even more so than I already have!) with all the fun things you are doing! But just know how much daddy & I love going thru each of these stages with you, watching you become such a wonderful little girl. We will continue to teach you, discipline you, guide you and encourage you, and always pray for you.
I also want you to know that while I truly love having your little brother join our family, I will always cherish the 20 months you and I had together before he came. It was a special time, "girl bonding", and I am so thankful I got to have so much one-on-one time with you. You were such a wonderful baby, and a perfect introduction to my life as a mom. I just want you to know how special that time together was, and that I will always strive to continue to have moments like that time with you in our future!
I love you so much, my sweet two-year-old!
love, Mommy
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Sony Girl said...

How precious is your little "big" girl and these letters. She will cherish these one day.


Michelle and Jeremy said...

this was such a great post to read!

Anonymous said...

She still has her great grand-dad and grammie's crooked smile. What a wonderful mommy also to keep us all up to date with all of these thoughts and musings......You are such a precious gift to us all Georgia Kate and I can't wait to see you again in 2 weeks at the big Waltrip wedding!!! Hugs Grammie