Thursday, April 16, 2009

Picnic at the Park

We took advantage of the beautiful weather to get out and have a picnic at Helena's Ampitheater park. It's beautiful down there- nice shade trees, right on the creek with the sound of the waterfall in the background, handy picnic tables, and you get to wave at the train as it goes by. I was also hoping getting out in the sunshine would help clear our runny noses- which continue to drag on! I've never been more ready to leave winter behind!
Hope you're having a fun, easy day too!
Georgia helping Lincoln with his sun protection.

Oh- how I LOVE this sweet, happy baby boy!

And this beautiful, independant, adventurous little girl!

Soon, we were all ready for naps!


Anonymous said...

Just look at LIncoln's big happy smiles- he just makes my hear glad and I'm so happy you are enjoying these special moments and days with your babies! We want Georgia to be a strong and independent little girl....but I know how hard that is for her mommy and daddy altho it is good for her....Parenting is so hard as the job of a parent is to love, cherish and teach our children to be independent while we all work together to make God's world share his love with others. Enjoy these days because they'll grow up so very fast- POOF! Grammie loves you all and can't wait for Emmie's big wedding to play!!! Bring swim suits!

Laura said...

PRECIOUS pics of your kids - they are just beautiful!

The Amato's said...

I hope you don't mind me blog stalking you but I couldn't resist leaving you a comment...Jenn talks about Georgia all the time & Lincoln is just ADORABLE!!! I had to laugh at the video of Lincoln sucking his toe bc Audrey does the SAME THING!!! It cracks me up (And kinda disgusts me:). Talk to you soon! Sarah