Monday, April 6, 2009

Lincoln: 4 Months

Dear Lincoln,
With all the ongoing festivities surrounding your sister's 2-year birthday last week, I am a bit late with your 4-month letter. But you enjoyed the partying as well, so I don't think you mind! Here's what's going on with you at the ripe ol' age of 4 months:
~I'm not sure of your actual weight, but on our home scale you weigh in at about 14.5 pounds. You're definitely getting bigger- my arms can't hold you as long as my heart wishes anymore!
~Mommy finished pumping at about 3.5 months and we finished our last bag of frozen breastmilk at the end of the month, so you're all-formula now. And you haven't missed a beat- or, rather, a gulp! You eat 6 ounces, 5 times a day, with the last around 9:30pm.
Before I upset any Grammies- this is a picture of you in full-blown laughter!

~Which leads us to sleeping- you go to bed around 9:30-10pm, and get up 7:30-8am. Yea!! You also take about 3 regular naps per day- morning, lunchtime, & afternoon, and sometimes a quick 30 min dinner-siesta if it's been a long day. You like to have your beauty sleep!
Roll, roll, rolling Lincoln!

~On to the fun stuff: You have mastered rolling from back to belly, but forgot that you already know how to roll from belly to back. So I lay you on the floor, you roll to your belly, then, after a few mins, get mad that you're on your belly! But all this belly time is really making your arms strong and you like to push up and watch us. You are also somehow scooting, b/c I often find you several feet from where I originally laid you!

~You're definitely a thumb-sucker, but also have found a new treat- toes! Oooo, the cutest baby trick of them all!! There's something about watching a little baby grab those toes with unpredictable fingers, pull them to your sweet little mouth, giving full view of chubby leg-rolls and tushy, and watching you happily suck that tiny big toe that melts hearts!!
Video: Yummy Toes!!

~I love that you have an easy smile and are more than willing to share it most anytime. Those easy smiles earn you so many kisses! You also have a great little laugh, which we hear most when daddy is tickling you. Although, mommy is learning those tickle spots too so I can hear your laughs all day!

~You continue to learn and make new noises, all steps towards future communication. Your latest sound is like "blah", which is cute b/c you stick your tongue out when doing it. You also like to "bpppt" with your lips, and blow bubbles.

~You have two new playspots: the Bumpo seat and the "Jazzerciser". You do a great job sitting in the Bumpo, but get bored in it quickly. We just got the "Jazzerciser" out last weekend, and you seem to like it. You're a bit young to fully grasp all it offers, but like looking at and trying to grab all the toys. You like to stand and use your strong legs, so this is a great place to practice that! (If you don't speak "hipp", the "jazzerciser" is what larry nicknamed the excersaucer)
I love the concentration on your face as you figure out how to spin that toy!

~I keep telling daddy you are going to be our noisy child- let's just say you've got a good set of lungs! When you get mad or upset, you YELL! Not just fuss or cry, but yell as loud as you can! Even when you're just "talking" and making noises, the noises get louder and louder. It's funny when it's not, well, noisy!!

I just love this baby stage where you're so soft, squishy & cuddly, and are learning to laugh & play. Where something as simple as toes can be an exciting treat, and mommy gets smiles for changing your diaper or giggles from changing your clothes. You love watching us, especially your big sister, who is full-speed entertainment, and Bernie- I think his black and white coat catches your eye! As we prepare to celebrate your first Easter, we promise to teach you about the saving grace of our risen Savior and pray you will know His love for yourself on day! WE love you, sweet baby boy!
love, Mommy


Anonymous said...

yeah!!! He's found those yummy toes and what a great, slurpy video!! Just think, last year we were all at the beach at Easter and now look how big he is! I will miss all the fun on Easter am with the kiddo's but know you'll have awonderful day! Hope the weather is beautiful and know God's blessings will continue to shine down on the Hippo's! Grammie

Sony Girl said...

I enjoyed looking at the adorable pictures. Lincoln looks like Georgia, just with a fuller face. I hope that you all have a great Easter!