Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Waters, Good Eats & Ear-aches

So, apparently I'm so behind in blogging, that I've forgotten how to do it! I know I just blogged a blank post about Memorial Day weekend... I'll fix that later. I'd already started this one about this past weekend when I remembered I never did one about our fun Memorial Day weekend so I was going to do that one, but now I'll just do this one then go back and fill in that one.... whew! So please don't mind if these are short on words and long on pictures! (Note to self- not good to get behind on blog!)

So- this past weekend we had a great visit with our good friends, the Waters. It had been a long time since our last visit with them (Georgia was just a baby! And the ONLY baby!), but thankfully they also are the kind of friends you just pick back up with! And I say "thankfully" b/c they arrived on Friday in the midst of chaos.
Lincoln had been to the Dr on Thursday to find an ear infection (again!!) and then Friday his fever shot up to 103.7 and stayed around there all day. So he was miserable and I was trying not to panic since the nurse told me they don't consider it a "serious fever until 105"! My house was still a mess, my groceries barely put away, and my baby screaming, but we were all still so glad to see each other!
They were in town for a family wedding, so their 2 beautiful, sweet, funny, smart kids, Eli (4) & Alee (3) hung with us Friday night while Melanie & Steve went to the rehearsal dinner and Sat night while they went to the wedding. It was a bit crazy having a 4, 3, 2 and 6-month old to ourselves for 2 nights, but fun too! Eli & Alee are SO well-behaved and played so great with Georgia. They had a blast together!
Saturday morning we all went to the McWane Science Center, which is like a big children's science museum, and played and saw an IMAX movie called Under the Sea that even Lincoln enjoyed. That busy morning, then running around in the backyard together, and a fun, splashy bath wore them all out for us!
Playing at McWane-

Eli & Alee play on the giant Lite-Brite wall.

Playing in the backyard: Georgia & Alee, SHARING!

Eli is a good driver!

Isn't this little girl so beautiful!? And SO grown-up, just ask her! ;)
Rub a dub dub, 3 monkeys in the tub!

After bath time, they settled down with a bit of Curious George. They snuggled together like this on the couch on their own, no prompting! Too cute!

Steve & Melanie all dressed up for a fun night out!

It was a busy weekend, but we also managed to sneak in some cards where Melanie & I {practically} beat the guys, and also try out some yummy new treats (see below!).
Waters: We wish we were closer so we could see ya'll more often, but will come visit your new home in Hattiesburg soon and love you guys lots!

Frosted Banana Bars: recipe from this blog that I follow, and definitely heed Darby's warning at the bottom of the recipe to "try not to eat the whole pan"! SO yummy, especially if you like banana bread... and cream cheese frosting! In fact, I got the camera out to take a picture of them, when suddenly...

another one disappeared! ;)

And Peanut Butter Fudge Swirl Pie, as yummy and rich as it sounds! After Steve ate his first slice, he declared PIE to be his best friend!


Sony Girl said...

Look's like you had an action-packed weekend. Hope that Lincoln is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Alee older than Georgia? Georgia looks bigger! Must be those tall Hipp genes showing up! The 3 kids are so precious together and I'm sorry Lincoln eas too sick to be his normal cuddly self. You are a snack-a-holic and don't bring all those fattening yummy recipes to Tampa when you all come down for the 4th of July. We can't wait! Hugs Grammie

The Phelps said...

Great pictures! I love the Memorial Day story, too. See you tomorrow!