Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lincoln: 7 Months

Dear Lincoln,
Sorry this is a bit late (again), but we spent your 7 month birthday flying down to Tampa for your first visit and some 4th of July fun. It was a great trip and you did wonderfully and had lots of fun- but lets save all that excitement for another post! This one's all about you and all the busyness you've been up to this last month!
~Going- going- gone, seems to be your new motto as you are crawling fast and furious. We've had to enforce new boundaries with the baby gate, otherwise you head right down the hall towards the bedrooms. If we call for you to come back, you stop, look back at us, give a big smile, and take off even faster around the corner! One day I caught up with you just in time to see you turn the water on in at the big tub in our bathroom! Trouble trouble...

~I think you must be a bit envious of your sister's walking and running skills, because you are trying to keep up with her! You and she will play crawling-chase, though she almost always laps you. You're also trying to keep up by practicing your walking behind the hippo push-cart. You'll push it across the room, but when you hit an obstacle and it stops, you give up on it and just take off on your hands and knees again. We have a sneaky suspicion it won't be long before you don't even need that push-cart...

~You've mastered sitting up this month, which has opened the door to many new sitting-up spots, like in the tub with your sister, in the shopping cart, and in restaurant high chairs. This is great for mommy, b/c you were getting TOO heavy to be hauling around in your car seat anymore! Though I still give a little sigh when I come in your room and you're sitting up in your bed playing- it makes you seem so big and that my little baby is growing up so quick!

~No more ear infections this month, though you were being so fussy I thought you had one and we had one unplanned trip to the doc- they said you are just teething! And I didn't really believe it till this past week, when I could finally see a little tooth starting to make it's way up. Though, if you teeth as slow as your sister, it'll be next month's update before we can get a picture! We did get your weight at that doc visit- almost 18.5 lbs! Growing boy!!

~Speaking of growing, you've been trying all kinds of new foods this month. At first you were loving to eat food, then you weren't, but thankfully now you love it again! You've had: sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, apples, bananas, pears, prunes, green beans, and loved it all, except peas, which literally made you gag. Oh well- who likes peas, anyways? You eat food and cereal 3x per day, along with still drinking 4 8oz bottles. Your routine also includes 2 good naps and bedtime at 8-ish. You thought you could bump your morning wakeup time to 6am, but we've about got you back to sleeping till 7 or 7:30am- thankfully!

~You are usually a pretty laid-back kid, but also have a streak of drama in you. When you are happy, you're really happy- smiling, laughing, playing, but when you're upset, the world is ending and you yell, scream, sob and make as much noise as possible! If I don't come to get you right away, you crawl to wherever I am and hold on to my leg, crying very pitifully. If I dare step around you b/c I -say- have my hands full making dinner, you very sadly sob and crawl to where I now stand to wipe your sad little tears on my leg again. And if you're really upset, you may even put your face down on the floor and lay sobbing, like you have no energy to even move! It's quite dramatic and, sadly, funny! Sorry, baby boy- I guess it's pretty rough being the 2nd child! :)
~All that being said, you still fill our home with the sweetest smiles and are the giggliest baby boy I've ever known! You think your sister is an absolute rock star and always give her smiles (except when she hits you in the head, which we're working on!). You love when she plays with you and are usually happy to share toys with her, which is great since, lately, they all seem to be hers! You think your daddy is a superhero, and get the biggest grin when he comes home or walks in the room. You love to slobber on his head and that he lets you pull his hair (which is really to short to pull). I get all the sweetest kisses from you and love that you give me such great giggles when I kiss your baby-rolls, which are already disappearing as you grow long and lean like your sister!
We love you so much and are thankful to the Lord for another fun month with you! Our prayer for you is that you will stay safe thru all these daily bumps and bruises on the head, and continue to be a sweet, healthy boy, with a future knowing Christ as your Lord! Love you, "ink-in"!
love, Mommy


Anonymous said...

HI baby boy! Grammie loved getting some of your snuggles this weekend and you can come play in Fla whenever you want! I cannot believe how you abuse your poor little head and it is literally covered with so many bumps and bruises, I've started asking about little baby helmets! You sleep great, eat more than GK already and are already such a charmer! Your mommy, daddy and big sister are so pleased with you and they should be as you're a special angel! Love Grammie

Shireen said...

I love this update!! Lincoln is a GORGEOUS boy!! :) GA is TOOOO CUTE for words!!! Happy 7 months, big man!! :)
Thank you for including all the details of how he's doing, too!! I love to see what we're get to look forward to with Rhys.
Yall enjoy those beautiful kiddos this hot summer!! :) Love to you all!!!

Michelle and Jeremy said...

love his whale shirt in this post of pix!

M said...

I just saw the new pics of Lincoln as well, what a cutie pie!!!