Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PCB 2009

We had a great family getaway to Panama City Beach this past weekend. Since Georgia loves the beach so much and had such fun the little bit we got to see it in Tampa, we wanted to get her back in the sand and surf soon. And it was really great!
The kids did well in the car, thanks to lots of chew-toys and Curious George dvd's. They loved playing in the sand- Lincoln even decided digging was pretty awesome, though he's still not a fan of the ocean. I think it's still a bit cold for him (I agree, buddy!). And I've never seen Larry have so much fun (or have any fun before) at the beach! He and Georgia dug big holes, made sandcastles, played in the waves and had a great time.

We had some fun family time and enjoyed playing together. It was a wonderful escape to a beautiful stretch of sand.
{There are (of course) a ton of pictures, so I'll try not to overdo it!}
Georgia was so excited when we got there, she ran to the window of the lobby and stared out!
She found one of the 'funnest' things was to get her legs buried in sand...
...then bust out!
and do it again!!
Lincoln even crawled thru the sand to come help.
Though he found doing his own digging to be the most fun! I couldn't even get him to look up for a picture!
Needless to say, there was a small sandcastle in the bathtub after undressing these two!
He also enjoyed chewing on sandy beach toys...
and just chewing on sand!
I was surprised and delighted when he actually took a morning nap in the "hut". (thanks, Phelps!) But who doesn't like to nap on the beach?!
Georgia & Daddy played...
and Georgia looked cute...
and they enjoyed nice walks in the surf!


Ashley Matteo said...

im glad yall had fun and i loved all the pics. thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

That baby girl is just beach girl! I think it's amamzing how the new suits and lotions keep those fair haired babies from getting burned. I remember so many bad burns from my childhood and you and Wes had some too even though we always kept you latered up. Let's get you back down to Fla for some more beach days soon! Hugs Grammie