Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Potty Training Update

I felt compelled to slip this little update in here, since I left the last post with "ongoing process"...
It still is ongoing, but is going very well! Georgia has mastered #2 in the potty- I finally had to just let her run around naked-bottom, and when she had to go she'd run to the potty, sit for a bit, get up and play, go back to the potty, etc. till she was done, then yell "poopoo in the potty" with great excitement! Now she is going regularly and doing great, on that end.
We've been out of the house quite a bit and she's doing well with that too. Still a few accidents, but more at home than out. Two major wet-spots while out, the kind I've been dreading since we started this...
1. We were at Walgreens, and since they have little buggies, she was sitting in the buggy-part, while Lincoln was in the seat. We were picking out buckets and shovels for the beach when "uhoh!". And she couldn't stop. But- no puddle on the floor b/c the diaper bag was under her on the rack, so she completely soaked everything in the bag! And I learned from that trip- always try to tt when you enter a store, even if she just went, AND add shoes to the bag of extra clothing!
2. We were driving for a bit while at the beach, stuck in traffic on the way to dinner. She told us she had to go, but we couldn't quite pull over, and next thing- "uhoh!" She completely soaked herself and the entire carseat. She was upset about it, which we actually thought was a good thing, b/c that means she's getting used to only going in the potty. From that we learned- only quick drives out to dinner, AND how to completely take apart & wash the carseat in a hotel room!
But overall, she's doing really well and has few accidents. We now visit every bathroom of every place we enter, but she's going in them! She even "held it" on our long drives down and back from the beach, and is usually holding it thru naps and, quite often, thru the night. Last night she even woke up crying b/c she had tt'd in her diaper and wanted her diaper changed (at 3am!).
And our ongoing process continues on!


Michelle and Jeremy said...

yeah, Georgia (and Kathryn)!

Anonymous said...

Time for some frilly pretty big girl panties Georgia! YEAH!!! Grammie