Friday, September 4, 2009

Lincoln: 9 Months

Dear Lincoln,
Another month has flown by and now "9 Months" sounds so big! I like to write comments like that b/c while I know it's true for now, I also know I'll laugh at that comment when I look back at this a year from now! It's been a very busy month (more on that in another post) and you've certainly kept up with the pace, in your own way. Let's review the highlights:
~Your "First Steps" from last month have turned into "trying to walk", meaning you're taking several steps at a time, lots of times per day! I still won't call it "walking", b/c you don't just walk across the room or anything, but it's definitely forward motion on those two little legs! We practice with you, but you also will do it on your own, walking away from the couch towards a toy, etc. You are also practicing "free-standing"- standing by yourself w/o holding anyone or anything. All of this practice is very good, but also dangerous to your little head, as it is once again getting freshly bruised!
I finally caught some "trying to walk" on video:

~We went to the doc for your 9-mo checkup and you were 19 1/2 lbs. I keep thinking you're right at 20 lbs, but apparently you're right under that! They measured your length at 27 1/2 inches, but the doc said that was definitely wrong. And when we got home I measured you at about 30-31 inches. You're definitely getting taller as you're already stretching past your 9-mo clothes. And you can reach a lot further up onto the sofa table!!

~You are definitely a bit of a momma's boy right now and prefer to be on my hip, in the middle of everything. Which is giving my arms quite a workout! When I'm in the kitchen, you're right under my feet- maybe you've just figured out that's where the food comes from?! You give me great little-bear hugs, and the sweetest, most slobberiest kisses!
~Speaking of the kitchen, you've discovered that cabinets doors OPEN! (They didn't used to, b/c they had baby-locks on them, but those were no match for you!) So now your favorite game is to slam the doors open & closed. Yes, you bang your little fingers in the doors a lot, but maybe you'll learn that lesson one of these days... And, yes, you also have learned to empty those cabinets- joy joy for mommy (aka "clean up crew")!

~You are such a rough & tumble baby boy! Maybe it's b/c Georgia plays so rough & tumble with you. She loves to lay you on the floor on your back and tickle you- and you just love it too! She's been helping you practice your 'barrel roll'- rolling & rolling you across the room! But you two also have your brother-sister moments, like when she pushes you down and you crawl over to me to "tattle" w/ your crocodile tears and sad puppy-dog face!

~When we saw the doc he said- "Wow, what have you been feeding him!" b/c you're getting so big! Well, you eat just about everything- but still no peas. Four bottles (7.5 oz) per day and 3 times for food. We've tried finger foods, but you're not real interested yet. We just started letting you practice w/ a sippy cup, but you mainly just chew on it. You look so surprised when water actually comes out! And- speaking of chewing- your one little snaggle tooth became two little chompers this month! (although I don't have a good picture of the new tooth)

~The biggest thing we've had to work on is how grumpy you are when you wake up. No matter how much good sleep you get, you always wake up screaming your head off! And you scream VERY loud! It seems you have no "fall-back-asleep button"- even though we've tried to let you cry it out. You still do great about taking long, regular naps and sleeping thru the night, but when you wake up, you want OUT NOW and scream till we give! I guess we were spoiled by your big sis, who not only wakes up happy, but will play quietly in her bed till we come get her! (screaming not pictured!)

Thank you for being my sweet precious baby boy- most days! :) We each love you so much and are thankful God has given you to us to be part of our family. You bring us much joy with your sweet dimpled smiles, and laughter with your rough & tumble ways!
We love you Lincoln,
love, Mommy

Oh, how you've grown!!!
1 Week Old:

3 Months Old:

6 Months Old:

9 Months Old:

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Anonymous said...

How smart to take pictures next to that little Hippo. Lincoln is such a happy fuzz head!! What a happy bruised baby! I'm worried how much our hard wood floors will hurt!!! See you in 2 weeks!! Hang in there thru the packing and moving!! Love Grammie