Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend of Goodbyes

I started this post the week we were moving, and, understandable, never got very far with it! I started it, then realized I REALLY SHOULD be packing, and abandoned the blog. So, this is about 2 weeks late... Hopefully we'll be settled here in Tampa and back to regular blogging soon! :)

Well, I really should be packing and doing a zillion other things, but I've been wanting to post pics of our weekend... a weekend of goodbyes! So, I guess it's actually, finally, REALLY going to happen- WE'RE GOING TO MOVE...
I've had my head in either a box or paint can the last couple of weeks, and kinda avoiding the fact that we're really leaving. But this was our last weekend in town and the start of lots of lasts here in Birmingham...

Going Away Party
Our sweet friends Jeremy & Michelle Long hosted a Goodbye Party for us with the help of our dearest friends, the Phelps, on Friday night. It was just a small group of some of our closest friends, mainly from our church, but all of our little ones came to party too- that's 14 kids, 3 yrs & under! So there was a bit of chaos, but the good kind! We will miss each of these sweet friends and their precious babies! I hope & pray that we can find families in Tampa that are as great as ya'll to be the "village" to help us raise our children...
Larry & I
The Phelps- I guess Logan didn't want to smile for me! He was a little upset we were leaving :(

Michelle & baby Emmie
Christen, Jen, Fran, me, Kate

Rollins, Georgia & Tate (all 2.5 yrs)

Babies, babies, babies.... Emmie Long (7.5 mo)

Josh Colvert (almost 1)

Lincoln (9 mo)- notice his newest shiner from falling into the corner of the wall!

At the end of the night our sweet friends prayed for us and gave us a wonderful book with messages from all of them.

AU Game with Phelps
Saturday night we all donned our Auburn gear and cheered on the Tigers with Matt, Sandy & Logan. We're going to miss watching the games with you guys!
Lincoln's doing his football drills...
Don't you just want to kiss those slobbery baby boy cheeks!! Love you, Logan!
Best attempt at a pic of Sandy & I & the boys...
Not the best pic of aunt Sandy & Georgia, but too cute to not post!
Georgia & uncle Matt get some snuggle time.
"Warrrr Eagle- HEY!"
Lincoln thinks uncle Matt looks funny upside down!
Logan, Georgia & Lincoln
Best pic I could get of my kiddos together... some nights it's just not going to happen!

Aunt Sandy gave Georgia a cute bag w/ her name on it- to pack all her stuff in for a long visit back to Bham, OR just to pack Georgia in!


Anonymous said...

You have been so blessed by such wonderful friends in Bham and they will find a way for all of you to hopefully stay close for years to come. They can just force themselves to visit Disney, Bush Garden and Fla beaches with all of those cute babies!!! Love Grammie

Ashley Matteo said...

love all the pics and im glad you made it down there safely. good luck with the unpacking and getting settled

Misty said...

Cute pictures of watching the Auburn game with the Phelps (my sis, bro-in-law, and nephew). I am going to miss seeing yall when coming to Birmingham to visit, but will continue to keep in touch through email, our blogs, Facebook, etc.
aka Sandy's sis and Logan's Aunt Misty