Thursday, September 10, 2009

Top Phrases

... you can hear around our house lately...

1) Don't EAT that!
2) Nice kitty... (GA's favorite game right now)
3) Where did the tape gun go?
4) Where did the Sharpie go?...WHERE did the SHARPIE go?? (w/ Panic!) {oh- it's clipped on my shirt}
5) Where's Lincoln?
6) Lincoln- no no!!
7) Don't hit your brother with ANYTHING
8) Pack it up!
9) Good walking, Lincoln!
10) "Look at ME!" {from Georgia}

And just b/c a blog posting without pictures is pointless, here ya go...


Anonymous said...

love your sense of humor kathryn! I'm so glad to see Linc smiling as every time I call it's "don't try to shut him in the refrig Georgia" or "he just cries because he wants to be picked up" or "No Georgia, don't do that to Lincoln" I know you won't want interference and I promise to try to avoid doing that but...I sure don't want inkin to makes grammie so sad! Ignore the sharpies and we'll just have suprise boxes to move into your new home...which you will find someday...after grammie gets her grandbaby bolus of luv!! Hugs as you say "see you later" to all your wonderful B'ham buds...never say goodbye as you will all now have a great time at Bush Gardens with these cute babies!!! Hugs Grammie!

Nancy McClain said...

Hope all goes well with the move. It will be so nice to be near your family!!!