Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Long Drive South

On Friday, Sept 18th, 7:30pm, our house was packed up & cleaned out, looking like a model home, I might add... the UHaul was loaded to capacity, kids strapped in car seats and we pulled out of our driveway for the last time as a family. It was a bittersweet and surreal moment, a memory I think I will always have, but will remember like a dream. And there was no looking back.

It started raining as we pulled out of town, and rained buckets and buckets in the Birmingham area for the next few days. We like to think the city was sad to see us go and just couldn't stop crying! ;)

And then we started driving... for 12 and a half hours... through the night...

We made several stops so our drivers could refuel and recaffeinate. The kids did pretty well, sleeping thru most of the drive, as we'd hoped. About an hour from Tampa they woke up and started getting restless, which was really just a ploy to help keep GranDad awake the last miles! We finally made it, safe & sound, and Grammie was ready to welcome the kids so we could get the Uhaul unloaded and try to catch a nap. I think we were to tired to sleep... and yes, we did watch the Auburn v. West VA game that night that lasted past midnight! War Eagle!!

I think Larry's Facebook posts via iPhone from the road best sum up our long night:

8:53 pm The move to Tampa begins now. We will see you in 11 hours Tampa....

11:44 pm Hello Troy.

1:31 am Welcome to Florida.

3:18 am Tallahassee. Gas. SRV Voodoo Child (I think he was talking about music, not the child pictured!)

7:01 am Hello Sun

8:48 am Hello Tampa.
And now I think I'm finally caught up, and you can start reading posts about current day life!

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Anonymous said...

Thankfully Grandad was able to help with the driving and you all made it, at least to Tpa without car troubles!! I think the kids got the best end of the deal and looks like they slept alot! The adults all looked wiped out when you arrived but it was so good to safely have you in Fla...and then the fun began!!Look forward to the rest of the story for years to come. Hugs Grammie