Friday, February 12, 2010

L Short Set

I am still trying to learn to sew- no, I haven't giving it up already! Finding time is the hard part, but that's hard when trying to do anything with two monkeys to look after! But I did finally get out a pattern I'd bought and figure it out enough to put some shorts together for Lincoln. My first time to do an elastic waist, too. If anyone has an easier way to thread the elastic thru the waistband, please share!
Than I made a little shirt to go with them by just cutting an "L" out of the same gingham and just sewing it on a plain white t-shirt with a straight stitch- good thing an "L" is all straight lines! I just unraveled the edges of the L to avoid having to finish them in any way- and it turned out pretty good, I think! An easy way to "applique" a shirt, cheap & easy! Hopefully it'll last thru little boy messes and washings!

Sorry- no pictures of the finished product on my little model- the weather turned colder and he said "no shorts, mom!"


Anonymous said...

you'll feel terrible when he smears the first blueberry on it!! But it's adorable and will be fun to watch your new sewing skills bloom
love grammie

The Amato's said...

VERY GOOD!!! I think the little freyed edges are cute!

aucindy said...

I used to sew for the girls all the time. Putting in elastic you need a big safety pen or better yet an old fashion baby diaper pen. Hook it to the end and work it through.

I loved the idea about the L and the edges. Very creative.

Cindy E. AKA Momcy