Monday, February 15, 2010

Letter of the Week- C

Last week's letter was C and what a great week for it! As it was leading up Valentine's Day, it was perfect for Candy, Cookies and Cards, but unfortunately didn't end as sweet- Cold and Cough took over!
To make our "C" this week, I cut out "cookie" circles and Georgia decorated them with various stickers, like she decorated the cookies we made that week. Then I had her paste the cookies into a C that I drew in pencil on our paper. Cookie-C!!

Georgia also painted this Cloud- I guess it's the dark and stormy kind of cloud!

C is for Cookie- We made lots of cookies! 2/3 of them went to a nursing home that our MOPS group was visiting to spread Valentine's Cheer- we missed it b/c by then our Cold & Cough had settled in. But we still had fun making the Cookies!

Anyone else notice my child's OCD tendencies? Notice she used all the pink hearts, then green, then blue, instead of just grabbing them randomly...
This is not related to "C", but do you save your Box Tops? You should- it's for the schools. And don't we all like to help the schools?! Sometimes you gotta look for them- they're not always on the box top!
All of our other Cookies quickly disappeared, so we made more- with frosting & decorations! They were very yummy! If you add about 1 Tbls of flour to these package mixes, it helps the cookies be a bit more fluffy and soft, I've found.

C is for Candy- Continuing with our Valentine's preparations, we made Chocolate Candy. Basically, we melted semisweet chips in the microwave, then added handfuls of honey roasted peanuts, mini-marshmallows, hearts and cinnamon candies. Then I dropped them by spoonfuls onto wax paper and we added more candy on top. They certainly weren't Russel Stover's chocolates, but they were fun to make!

C is for Cards- we made some sweet Valentine's cards for our loved ones. Georgia liked doing the stickers the most, so I let her put a bunch of them on one paper, then I could cut those out and paste them to the cards. This satisfied her need to help and my need for the cards to look, well, NOT like a 2-yr old completely did them! ;)

C is for Cold & Cough- daddy was sick first and then shared his upper respiratory infection with the kiddos. Somehow I was spared! I think God gives mommies extra immunities. But that pretty much ended our fun for the week, besides getting to visit the Doc.
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Lynn said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Looks like you all had a lot of fun before the ickies set in.

sbswtp said...

Great Activities :)

Jen said...

Georgia looks so sad on the couch. :( All the cookies look yummy! And I totally agree with your technique for making your valentine cards. :)