Monday, February 1, 2010

The First Cut is the Quickest

While Lincoln may look a little bald in the pictures of him, he actually has a good head of hair- it's just very fine and white-blond. But it's definitely been growing, and growing, and I finally decided it was time to trim his little wings...

So this weekend, while he was happily shoving a dinner of hot dog, mac n cheese and blackberries in (and all over!) his cheeks, I tried to sneak in with the scissors. It didn't really work like I'd hoped. He saw me coming! I got -literally- two snips in and, thankfully, that was enough, one above each ear. Don't look at the finished results too close- but at least you can see his ears now! And he'll always be able to tell his big sis that he did something before she ever did- got a first haircut before her!

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The Phelps said...

Cute. I am planning on taking Logan for his first hair cut this week. It's gotten really long in the back and sides! Happy 14 months, Linc!