Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Letter of the Week- M

Wow- this week is going fast and I'm way behind on posting! So let's get right to it-
Last week we "broke order" and skipped to the letter M. We already had a fun M-activity planned, and I knew Georgia wouldn't mind! Though daddy still thinks I'm going to totally confuse her by skipping letters! ;)
M is for Manatee- our fun M-activity was a trip with our MOPS group to go see the Manatees, at the power plant down in Apollo Beach, about 30 mins south from us. These big Mammals gather around the warm water outlets from the plant during the cold months. There were probably hundreds of them in the water! Unfortunately, they just look like big shadows or bumps in the water and I don't think Georgia really understood there were Manatees in there. But it was a nice day to be out in nature, and we enjoyed a little picnic and walk along the water. Until Missy's Major Meltdown... anyone else ever end up like this (below)- big kid in stroller, little kid on top? I think she had issues w/ Lincoln's foot in her face... what a face!

M is for Marshmallow- Georgia loved building a Marshmallow Tower. Unfortunately the only toothpicks we have are the kind with the plastic decoration at one end, which made the building more challenging. But it was great to just let her do her own thing with them!

We also made a Marshmallow-M by gluing down squares onto the M, then gluing marshmallows on the squares.

Continuing with our Marshmallow fun, we made s'mores one night, the easy way! We just put mini marshmallows on one graham cracker and chocolate chips on the other, microwaved it for 30 secs and smooshed them together-mmmmmmm!! :)

M is for Monkey- of course we had to bring George into our M fun, since he's our favorite! First we made a Curious George Monkey from a tp tube, then he helped us read many Monkey stories, including 10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, which helped us work on counting!
M is for Mini-Muffins- we made Many Mini-Muffins! They were chocolate chocolate-chip and Mm,Mm,good!
M is for Mosaic- we made a Mosaic M by gluing different sized and colored pieces onto our M. (I know I got this idea from some other blog, but can not find it now... sorry!) Georgia did NOT get into this activity for some reason, and it took several attempts on several different days before we got it done. I tried to let her lead, and when she wasn't into it, we'd stop and move on. I try to remember- fun first! :)

Get your own fun ideas at 1+1+1=1!


Jen said...

Mmm, s'mores! Why didn't I think of that?? I'm gonna have to go through the alphabet again just so I can get to all the fun stuff we missed!

Jen said...

Oh, and Molly is going to be royally confused since we're jumping all over the place with our letters!!

The Phelps said...

I love the letter updates! I will definitely be looking back at your blog when Logan gets older so I can TRY to be as good a Mommy as you! Can't wait to see you SOON!!!

The Amato's said...

I am SO inspired by you & your dedication to teaching your kids! I hope you wont mind me stealing some of your ideas?! How are ya'll doing...any bites on the house in AL?
PS Lincoln is getting soooo big!

Us said...

What fun! I love all the ideas you are giving us for when we get there!

Shireen said...

I echo what everyone else is saying, Kathryn!!! Way to be so intentional, and I am thankful to have this to go by when we get there! Thank you for posting!!

Hope yall are doing great!

And I noticed Sandy's comment...are yall coming here or are they going to yall? :) If you come here, I'd love to see yall if you have time. :)

Anonymous said...

Georgia really is learning from all of this and the most impt thing is she and her wonderful mommy are having alot of FUN!!! I'm happy for both of you.....still can't figure out where all those creative genes came from! Hugs Grammie