Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lincoln: 15 Months

Dear Lincoln,
Hey baby boy! It's been a few months since I've done an update for you. I made my goal of doing them once a month until you turned one, and now it's just whenever I can! But we've all noticed how you're growing and growing-up recently, so I thought it was time!
~Dr's visit- Thankfully aunt Sandy reminded me you were due for a Dr visit or you'd be way behind on your immunizations... we went on today and you were 24 lbs (43 %) and 30.5 inches (31%). No one who sees you would ever think you're the short, thin type, like those numbers say! Maybe you are taking after your Grandad- let's just hope you don't get his knees, too!

~You are constantly teething, but, man, those teeth are SLOW to come in! You still only have 7: 4 on top, 3 on bottom, but I can see some molars and the 4th one on the bottom coming... so maybe they'll be here before you turn 2! ;) You've been taking out your teething aggression on the crib and have literally chewed a chunk out of the top rail! We're kinda glad we left our nice crib back in Birmingham...

~I don't even know how to describe your motor skills- you walk, run, climb, fall, and can almost jump off the ground! You say "jump jump" and try so hard! You are turning into a real climber- recently I found you on top of the dining room table (such a a trouble-maker!). You still love to dance, chase, give big leg-hugs, and your favorite new game is "ring around the rosie". And you think opening & closing the microwave is hilarious!! Oh, and your newest trick is "winking", except you do it with both eyes!

~As your daddy pointed out yesterday, when you busted your lip yet again, you've bled more in these last few months than your big sis has in her whole almost-3 years! You just go at life full-force and don't mind shrugging off a few busted lips, cut fingers, scrapes or major lumps-to-the-head. We are grateful the Lord continues to protect you!

~I guess last update we were starting to push your finger foods- now that's all you eat. You've even been trying to feed yourself with a spoon, and are about 25% successful with macaroni! I still give you baby cereal w/ fruit in the morning and sometimes some veggie baby food w/ dinner, b/c you don't like many veggie finger foods. I guess they feel different. You think you can live off of meat & cheese & meat & animal crackers & meat! Bottles are long gone, sippy cups are in, and I have yet to find one that is completely "spill-proof" to you!

~You are trying so hard to talk! You are the official greeter of the family and say "Hi, Hey, Hello, Bye Bye", to every person that comes in/out of the room, walks by in the store, walks by the yard, drives by our car, etc... You still say dada & gaga, but not mama unless Georgia asks you to. You say "Thank you" and "all done" very clearly and use them often. You have lots of other noises & grunts & gestures that I can interpret as words, but can't really list!

~I can see signs of you growing up in how you play, too- you're starting to enjoy books more and will sit & listen, you will push a toy car across the floor while making "vroom vroom" noises, you try to throw the ball back to us, you can concentrate on one thing for awhile- like stacking rings or putting little pom pom balls in a bucket, and you know that the best toys are the ones your sister is already playing with and that if you scream loudly someone will assume she took those toys from you and give them to you!

Sweet boy, you fill my days in so many ways! No matter what's going on, I always look forward to you sharing sweet snuggles with me at bedtime. Thank you for the ways you show your love to each of us, and thank you Lord for showing your Love thru this sweet boy!
love, Mommy
Addendum added 3/5: I forgot to mention the milestone that has changed our days the most- you have officially dropped your morning nap! I was very sad & reluctant to let you drop it at such an eary age-I didn't think this would come till much later in the 2nd year. But you were insistent! You would just cry and scream and fuss during am nap time, and do fine on the days you miss it. You still take a long (2.5-3 hr) afternoon nap and sleep 8-7/7:30 at night, so I guess it will be fine! And it really does open up our days more! :)


Us said...

Happy 15 months, Lincoln! We sure do miss you! I know Christian wishes you were here to pal around with and do all those fun boy things you are so good at.

The Phelps said...

Great update! I'm glad I could help out with Linc's well being in going to the doctor. :)

Anonymous said...

That first picture of him looking out toward the white sun room is awesome Kathryn! He is still such a little snuggler and much more cuddly that GK ever was- I love to get him after his nap or bath when he just lays his head on my shoulder. What a blessing it's been to watch him grow the last 7 months!! He is also SO NOISEY!!! Maybe it's being a boy but he wakes up ready to go and makes sure his opinion is well known at all times. Finally he loves the dogs and still cautiously pats, hugs and talks with them at every chance. Bless you baby boy. Grammie