Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Breakfast with Princesses

After a fun-filled weekend, the Waters family left us to continue their spring break at Disney. And we continued our house full of fun with Nana coming in town for a week! The kids were so excited to see her, and she was great to have around for the week.
On Thursday of her visit, also St Patty's Day, we joined the Waters at Epcot for a very special breakfast and lots of fun!
We started with Breakfast with the Princesses at the Akershus Palace at Epcot and it was so worth the many miles I carried this baby belly and pushed an overloaded stroller the rest of the day! The girls were in Princess heaven! They were both star-struck and giddy with excitement! Georgia not only got to talk to her beloved Cinderella, and show off her look-alike gown, but then got to hold her hand and walk with her in the mini parade around the restaurant! So exciting!! AND both girls loved getting to hug sweet Ariel and walk with her later! It was awesome to watch their little faces light up as they met each beautiful princess!
Meeting Cinderella...
AND getting to hold her hand!

Nana helped with keeping kids occupied in line- "look, Nina, look!"
Alee and Georgia are now self-proclaimed BFF. Alee gave Ga a purple Mickey-shaped necklace with BFF on it to match her pink one and Ga has worn it almost every day in the 2 weeks since we last saw them!

Another (failed) attempt at a kiddo pic together. It was also the Flower Festival at Epcot and the flowers were amazing!
The Hipps
The Waters
and All Together now!
Whenever Lincoln was let out to roam or catching a ride on a daddy's shoulders, the girls took over the stroller...

My beautiful boy
Upside-down Eli!
Epcot was great, but it's a lot more walking around and seeing, as compared to the rides and parades we experienced at Magic Kingdom. It was great getting to be with our friends and Nana for this fun day!

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