Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating Wes & Jen

My brother Wesley and long-time love Jennifer are getting married soon- April 2nd!- and we've had fun getting ready with them. We're all four in the wedding- five of us if you include my sweet baby girl in the belly bump! You'll definitely notice her under that bridesmaid's dress at 7 months baked!
Recently my parent's threw a great anniversary party for them. It was a great mix of their friends, my parent's friends, people we've known over the years. Since Wes & Jen dated for 10 years there are a lot of people that have been with them over the course of their relationship, and are so excited for them as they take this wonderful, lasting step together!
Perfect setting
Happy couple
Me & my little love- he's been sporting a "Tom Brady" look lately as he hates haircuts so we just haven't taken him to get one. I recently got a little off those ears, but I think we're going to have to suffer thru a real cut soon!

Some of Wes's friends were really digging his high school senior pic and thought they could look tough like him!
Wes's best man found out what he'd be wearing this night and thought it'd be funny if they all showed up in the same... very cute matchy-matchy, guys!

Jen with her brother Nicholas and grandfather Pep.

More celebrating below!

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Anonymous said...

So much fun!! Great friends from all walks of Wes & Jen's lives as people from church, family, local friends and school friends showed up! Even the Rwanda Bishop was there!! We missed Lori and Kirby while they had to make a family trip to Boston but celebrated for them. So, can you give m all of these pics for a my publisher book Kathryn or are you plannin to make one? We could do it together...mom