Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bridal Shower

This past weekend I threw a bridal shower for Jen, with Aunt Laura's help. It was a sweet time where women of all ages and points from Jen's life came to celebrate this upcoming marriage and show her their love and support. It was a fun afternoon, Jen and Wes were showered with many lovely things, and we are all now in "wedding mode" for the main event in less than a month!


Anonymous said...

That shy little smile...but happy looking Jen on the last picture summarizes the whole day! Thanks for making a beautiful home and food for us to all gather and celebrate the joy of young love Kathryn!! Another great Hipp production! (PS future pictures of me from behind are forbidden!!) Love Grammie

Shireen said...

Kathryn, The pics are BEAUTIFUL!!! You've just got that touch! We had the right people handle our wedding pics!! :)

And a note to say that YOU look great, Missy! Gosh, I canNOT believe you are having #3!!!!! I'm so excited for you guys, and you DO look amazing!!! Stay in that turquoise color! ;)

Love you all!!!