Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Water's Visit

Our next visitors were the Waters, who were here Fri- Mon am. Melanie and Steve are some of our best friends from our Auburn days, and the kind of friends we always pick right back up with, no matter how long we've been apart. Friends like that are priceless and we really enjoyed our weekend with them!
We played in the backyard, went to the park and pier, the dads did some fishing and caught our dinner for Sunday, they celebrated Grammie's bday with us, and we had some fun at the beach. Tomorrow we'll join them for their last day at Disney, and have breakfast with the Princesses together and explore Epcot. The little girls are equally excited about meeting Princesses and seeing each other again- so sweet!!

Eli- 6 yrs, Alee- 5 yrs, Georgia- almost 4, Lincoln- 2 yrs
Happy Birthday Grammie! :) That carrot cake was YUMMY!!

A LOT of fun = tired kiddos!!
If you notice we're in a new ride, you're really paying attention! I'll do a diff. post on that some other time! ;)

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