Monday, November 21, 2011

Rosemary- 5 Months

Dear Rosemary,
Well, I'm late on your monthly update again, but I'm not apologizing anymore. Now my goal is just to get it done, at some point, as close to the month as possible. Life continues to swirl around us, and you're growing before our very eyes! Let's check out some highlights from your fifth month:
~ First, eating & sleeping: You still get 5 bottles per day, but just after your 4-mo doc appt I changed to the stage 3 nipple and that seems to have helped you eat better. So I've upped your ounces to 6.5-7 oz per bottle. We were trying a formula with rice in it that the doc gave us, but it was upsetting your tummy and making you very constipated, so we're off that. That's another reason I've been delaying starting you on any solids- I want your tummy to settle and let you just eat good for a little bit. So no pictures of your first messy bites yet!

You still sleep great- we've been walking again and so a couple of mornings you get your first nap in the stroller. You're ok with that, but it's not as long of a nap as you're used to, so you take a solid lunch nap too, then a long afternoon nap. You've woken up early in the morning some this month; maybe now that you're eating some you're realizing you are hungry! Usually it's when you didn't eat great that day. Also- I'm trying to get you used to sleeping sans swaddle, so I will wrap you, but leave one arm out- and usually the other arm, and your legs, find their way out too! You're snuggling up to your lovey, Little Hippo, some too, and learning to use it to comfort yourself to sleep. 
~ I'm also finally admitting that it's 'bout time for you to move out of our room and into the crib in the "girls room" with Georgia. So you've taken a few practice naps in there. Georgia is really excited every time you do and asks when are you going to sleep in there all night! (I think daddy is asking the same question, but has been gracious not to ask it out loud- too many times!) I know it's soon- especially when you start rolling around good; then you won't fit in the cradle much longer.
~ Speaking of rolling- you have finally admitted you know how to roll from back to tummy. You did it for Georgia on day in this fifth month, but then didn't want to do it again. But you've showed us your gift a few times since then. I think next month this will be a regular trick you do! 
~ You were Super Baby for your first Halloween, as part of our Super Hero family. I made you a little purple cape like your sister's that you wore, along with the pumpkin hat and "got Candy" bib. We just took turns carrying you as we trick or treated the neighborhood. You were a good sport!

 ~ We broke out the Excersaucer at the beginning of this month, and you're loving that! You took right to it, and have already figured out how to slobber on all the toys, spin yourself around, jump and bounce. You love that you can see what's going on better, and, as if all the toys and bouncing weren't enough, the kids love to entertain you with dances, musical instruments and songs. I guess you are their captive audience- literally!
~ Along with your slobbering and bouncing skills from the Excersaucer, your hand-eye coordination is progressing rapidly. You can grab something we hold in front of you, grab at your fish hanging above the swing, grab handfuls of hair, hold a chew-toy to your mouth for a bit, and can even do a beginner's peek-a-boo, pulling something off your face when I cover it.  
 ~ You continue to be the sweetest, smiliest, giggliest baby. I love to tickle you- it doesn't take much because you are so ticklish and you laugh! You let anyone hold you, and share your joy. Which is great because people are drawn to your smiles- you get practically grabbed out of my arms at Bible study! :) You're also realizing your voice, and will YELL when you want something. Not cry, not fuss- YELL. You know you're the third child and have to speak up to be heard around here!
 We each love you so much, sweet Rosemary, and I love that you have a special smile for each of us too. For Lincoln- the smile like the funniest guy you know just came in the room and you can't wait to see what he's going to do next! For Georgia- the smile like you give your best friend, the one that is the prettiest girl you know, but will also do anything for you. For Daddy- a smile for your hero, and the man you love most. Your eyes always follow him around the room; you love to watch him! For Mommy- Your mommy-smile! Like the one in the picture above! Like you're so happy to see me and you know I have exactly what you need at that moment- and I hope I never disappoint! I love you so much, and thank the Lord daily for you! love, Mommy

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The Phelps said...

Kathryn - She's beautiful and growing too fast! Love the update... and we are only a LITTLE jealous of the bows!