Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rosemary: 12 Months

Finally finally finally... this is a month and a half late, and I've held up the rest of the blog till I got it done. But here it is- yea mommy! :)

Dear Rosemary,
It's your final monthly update! The first year has truly flown by, and we have enjoyed every little "first", every new discovery, every moment with you, sweet girl! The Lord gave us such an amazing blessing when He added you to our family. Now I know it was you I was praying and hoping for before our family felt complete to me!
~ You came into this world in your own stubborn way- turning breech in the last weeks and putting mommy thru a c-section, and though you are a very sweet, easy baby most of the time, that stubborn streak remains true. As the third child, you can get swept into the mayhem, but you are quick to let us know when you've had enough! You turn your "mean" face on, screech loudly- and attack! You're no push-over. You try to push Lincoln right over when he's being too rough, and, unfortunately, have started attacking with your teeth- all four of them! You left a nice bite on Lincoln's back just this week! Kinda some great payback, since he himself went through a terrible biting phase, but not good for us- who had to train him out of it!
~ As you hit your stride, literally and figuratively, you become less inclined to want to sit- thru anything! A meal out, a graduation, a story, dinner at home... you always want to be up and moving. And, recently, moving up- you are figuring out climbing. And you don't just climb up to sit- no, after you conquer that mountain, you want to stand on top and shout for all to hear you- and try to fall on your head! When you climb up on the couch, you like to run back and forth across the seats- until you fall off on your head! Mommy is trying to keep up with you, before that happens, but you are quick, and there are many mountains to conquer!
~ Georgia said to me in the car just last week- "Mommy, Rosemary and I are best friends!" I love that- and hope it will always be true between all three of you! You will follow the big kids around as they play- I'm sure you think you're participating in their make-believe. Sometimes they make you the "baby dragon" who is attacking them- probably bc of your loudness! When you are having playtime in your crib, they like to go in there and FILL your crib with toys- so many you can't walk! You and Georgia spent a while playing under the table one day- she's so good about taking care of you. Linc likes to play with you too- but he usually is still a bit rough and one of you end up hurt- and it's not always you!
~ You are absolutely the LOUDEST baby we've ever known. You yell, screech, scream, babble, talk... the yelling is the worst. Hopefully you'll start to learn a few more words so you don't think that is the only way to communicate. So far you say: dada, mama, no/nah nah, dog, "hahaha" (panting like a dog- what a dog "says"), luv u, and, recently, gaga- as you yell at Georgia. You love to wave and recently started blowing kisses- with one finger, I guess they're little kisses! Though this doesn't seem like a lot of communication to list (I'm sure I'm forgetting some), you are Very good at making your wants and needs known!! You say "CHEESE" with a big cheesy smile when ever any camera is pointed at you- or even in someone's hands, or they are looking at their phone, bc you know phones are cameras too... I've certainly trained you well in this regard!
~ Though you should be eating more table foods, you continue to refuse almost anything in front of you. (Including birthday cake!) Cheerios, puffs, goldfish, and other small crackers are your only big kid foods. I discussed it with your doc at the 1-yr checkup, and he suggested we talk to a "texture therapist"- like a physical therapist, but for babies/kids that have issues with textures. It sounds so "out there" I haven't even called them yet... if anyone has any experience with this pls let me know! We'll just keep putting it in front of you for now. I still manage to get 3 8oz bottles of formula and 3 meals of baby food in you per day- still no milk bc of the bad reaction you had before. Maybe in another month of so. You still love yogurt, and I've switched to a soy yogurt that upsets your tummy less.
~ Dresses, tutus, beads, bracelets, purses, shoes- you're already into them all! You will bring a tutu to me and want it put on. Any necklace you find you immediately put on- no matter how many you find! You love to have a purse, basket or bag to hold and walk around filling it with anything you come across- till it's as big as you are! I have a feeling you and your big sis are going to get along very well- as long say you both are willing to share your accessories! The only girly thing I can't convince you to keep on- your hair bows!! All day long- you pull them out, I put them back... I promise they always coordinate with your outfit! ;)
~ You are still a great sleeper, and seem to NEED both your morning and afternoon nap still, and even seem to be sleeping more lately- 1.5-2 hrs in the am and 2.5-3.5 in the pm. Plus a full nights sleep- 8/8:30pm- 7/7:30am. Maybe it's a growth spurt for all those extra ZZZ's? You do seem taller lately! We had your 12 mo appt at almost 13 mo (7/12/12) and your stats are: height 30 in (63%), weight 19.63 lbs (20%). Still good growth, but need to convince you to like eating more things! A little cake wouldn't hurt...

You are a special blessing, Rosemary Rae, and we all thank the Lord for adding you to our family, for your life, health, beauty, laughter and spunk. It is always such an amazing experience to watch a child grown, change and learn in their first year- we have loved experiencing it this time with you! And we know there are many more amazing moments to come!
I love you- Mommy

Some One-Year Special Pictures, Then & Now:
Rosemary and Blue Hippo, from her weekly pictures
2 Weeks Old 
3 Months Old 
6 Months Old 
9 Months Old
12 Months Old

 At the time of your birth...
Exactly 1 week old...

Exactly 1 year old
(and too busy trying to push buttons on the clock to look at the camera!)


Anonymous said...

Oh baby girl...what a fireball you are turning out to be. Opinionated and strong willed barely do you justice and I keep telling your parents they'd better get ready as I think you will stay on the edge of everything going forward. Its really funny to watch you boss your older siblings around! Don't want to argue with GK but I think Buddy is truly your best friend- you love that dog and will lie on the floor, gently pat him and he follows you around waiting for your cheerios and crumbs to drop. One of the funny things mommy and I have learned lately is NEVER to dress you for the pool without a diaper and set you down on the ground as you quickly pee and inevidably slip and hit your head!! POOR little head on those hardwood floors-ugh!! I love to sing you a song and lie you down for a nap as you just cuddle with your pink softy, hug your baby doll and crash! You wake from naps happy and ready to change the world and based on these 1st 13months, I have no doubt you will. Grammie plans to hopefully be close on the sidelines ready with hugs and snuggles.

The Phelps said...

Let me know how that texture therapist goes. I didn't know there was such a thing. I have issues with texture, and am pretty sure Logan does, too. He still won't touch fruit and has gotten pickier lately! Anyway, great update. Avery has those same purple butterfly pj's! Miss y'all!