Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rosemary's 1 Year Portrait (take 1)





I've tried to catch a "portrait" picture of each of my children at around one year old- this was my attempt with Rosemary! Don't get me wrong- they're great pictures of my beautiful baby (no bias here!), but I'm not sure I captured what I was looking for... so will it still count as her One Year Portrait if she's 15 months? (If I ever get around to trying again??) I guess no one will know except you and I! ;)
Part of the problem is my original vision is already captured- Georgia at One, in her long white dress with "Georgia" embroidered across the front, experiencing the sand between her toes at the beach for the first time... and how do replicate that?! I've finally conceded that I don't- so I take my beautiful 2nd daughter out in the backyard and get her big brother and sister to make silly faces at her, while she tries to not get her toes dirty in the lush grass! And really anything with that sweet face in it is worth hanging on the wall to me!
My next problem is my editing tool- I've just been using the iPhoto on our Big Mac (as I call our home computer- not to be confused with Little Mac the laptop, Mac To Go the iPad, Hand Mac the iPhone...) and, frankly, I'm 'bout done with iPhoto. It's fine for basic editing- brightening and little touchups, but the black/white and sepia tools are awful. Our family portrait wall is all sepia pictures, but I can't get a good sepia out of iPhoto! I'm not wanting to use something as complex as Photoshop- my time on the computer is not extensive enough for that- I fully believe in one button options! So- any suggestions would be helpful! Is Flikr a good tool? Picasa?
Meanwhile- and for those of you that basically skimmed over the last paragraph (Mom!)- if you were choosing just ONE of the above photos to hang on your wall forever... which would it be??
Voting opens- NOW ;)


Anonymous said...

My vote is definitely the bottom with those huge blue eyes looking up! Aunt laura

Ashley Matteo said...

i like all the pics. my favorites are 1,2, and 5. my very fav is 5 because the lighting is most even and her eyes are so beautiful. however, that may be an odd angle, especially if you have it framed next to more traditional shots of your other kids. in that case i would choose #1 because i like seeing her little toes up on the chair. i edited with picassa for years before i got lightroom and hated the sepia. i have photoshop elements and lightroom and i am still cluesless about photoshop but lightroom is really quite easy to master quickly and its got several good presets for BW and sepia. maybe try it out (usually you can download a 30 day trial). it still takes some learning but if you want more editing capability its the easiest of the professional editing softwares. there are tons of youtube tutorials as well. good luck. your baby is getting so big

Anonymous said...

I voted before but don't see it here so will try again. I like #1 as it just captures her personality best- footsies tucked up and little mischeveous smile! Dad agrees. Love Grammie