Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer 2012 Family Road Trip, 1. Auburn

The week of the July 4th holiday we packed up the trusty momma-mobile with kids, clothes and snacks and headed out on a road trip. We had a wedding to attend in the Georgia Mountains July 7th, so decided that was a good time to combine efforts and make a visit to the family in Birmingham first. It was a long trip: 8 days, over 21 hours of driving, some 1500 miles. But the kids did surprisingly well in the car, even noisy Rosemary, thanks to the sacrifice of her daddy driving at night. And we had fun! We did breakfast in Auburn, which is always exciting, spent some awesome quality time in Birmingham, then got to relax, party and play in the mountains.
So, here's a ton of pictures, coming your way.... :)

Stop 1: Auburn, AL

It's always exciting to visit our college turf, and we've certainly built it up as a special place to the kids already. What we didn't plan on were the moral values of the whole town being closed up on a Sunday morning, as we rolled on in! No Big Blue Bagel breakfast for us. :( So we just did a drive thru of the campus, which changes from each visit, then filled our tummies plenty at the Opelika IHOP. Yea- smiley face pancakes!
Of course mommy wanted some picture on Samford lawn, so after breakfast we went there to get our wiggles out and snap a few. Except the kids were real party poopers- it was so hot! The didn't want to smile! The grass is so itchy! Rosemary's running away! Anyway... those pictures didn't turn out quite like I'd imagined, so we just got back on the road!

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