Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sarah's Classroom

Today we played with Sarah Grace Brown, which is exactly how she introduces herself. She answered the door in a Cinderella dress, and proceeded thru a fairy-witch, princess bride and Minnie Mouse dresses before we left. Sarah is 3 and a 1/2, and always gives me a good dose of the fun days to come!

Sarah's obviously done this before!

Georgia loves to play with "big kids". I think she's just fascinated by all they can do. And they always have cool toys! We've gotten to play with Sarah lots (though never often enough!) and I love to watch them interact. For an only child, Sarah plays big sis very well and teaches Georgia things like sharing, pretend, eating mac n' cheese and sumersaults. And we always leave with some awesome hand-me-downs!!

Awww- hugs!

I also love playing with big kids! I love the time with a mom who's just ahead of me so I can pick her brain, ask tons of questions, and, really, just observe. Debby (& Matt!) have done an awesome job with Sarah and I love that she teaches Sarah thru her parenting. For example- "You can't do that." "Why?", or, usually, crying... "Because it's mommy's job to protect the baby, and if I let you do that you will get a boo-boo and mommy won't be doing her job." It sounds simple, but means so much! And I really love when Debby warns Sarah about "being sassy" - or attitude!

What is she laughing about?

There is so much to learn and I think the best way to learn is just by being with other moms. So to all the moms out there with big kids, little kids and, even, new kids- thanks for being my teachers to the hardest course I've ever been in! I promise to study lots, take good notes, and pay attention to your examples, in hopes that I will be prepared when the test comes!

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