Thursday, February 28, 2008

Playing at Home

Georgia was sick at the beginning of the week, so we've been hanging around the house a lot lately- which means there hasn't been much to post about! I'll be glad when spring finally decides to come so all the kiddos can be healthy again and we can get out to play. On the up side, and there's always an up side if you look hard enuf!, Georgia and I have had lots of time to be silly together, do some snugglin, read some books and practice her walking. She's getting pretty good, but she likes to go fast, almost at a run, so she trips over her feet a lot. But she's a tough cookie, so she's always right up and going again!
This is just a video of her being silly, and the picture is from playing in the backyard... Hope you've had a good week!


Jen said...

Georgia is getting very good at her walking! I'm not sure why clothes are so fascinating. Chad went in to get Molly out of her crib last week and she had pulled three pieces of dirty clothing out of her hamper and was playing with them in her crib.

Shireen said...

Go, Georgia!!!
You're getting so good!!
Thank you for the update, Kathryn. :) Sorry she was sick this week. :(
Thank y'all for brunching with us this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

That is great video! I even learned something about Molly from Jen's post. See you soon! Michelle

Kathryn said...

Jen- Yes! If there are any clothes laying around, even Larry's dirty socks (yuck!), she grabs them and carries them all over! Who needs toys?! K

Anonymous said...

Georgia you are growing up so fast. Fixen to turn one and your walking so well. Mommy is going to have to keep you out of her closet. I can already see you playing dress up with Mommy's clothes. Fun Fun.
love you,