Monday, June 2, 2008

14 Months

Dear Georgia Kate,
Before I wrote this, I glanced thru some of my previous "Monthly Updates" and I am amazed by how you've grown and all you continue to learn! You change so quick and it makes me truly appreciate the time I get to spend with you each day, watching and being a part of these changes. Hopefully these little updates give our family and friends, especially those that live far from us, the chance to see what an amazing and beautiful little girl you are becoming.

~You have given up walking and now just run everywhere- I guess it IS faster! But it makes it hard for us to catch you!

~ You are climbing on the couch with no assistance and love to sit up there with daddy, like such a big girl. You also love to climb the stairs, and do great at going up, but you don't have the patience for going down safely!

~Unfortunately, you have your mommas grace and daddy's balance, so you end up with a lot of bumps and bruises. Not that you notice- you just jump up and run off again! No fear!!

~ You also get a streak of stubbornness and a strong spirit from us. We are constantly re-examining "No", boundaries and listening skills. Something I'm sure we'll have many more years of!
~ You continue to be a picky eater, though, thankfully, you do seem to eat more- just more of the same things! Favorites right now: blueberries, grapes, peaches, pears, cheerios, corn, animal cookies and ice cream.

~ You still only say a few words, but you think you say more and "talk" all the time! Words you say: dada, mum ( I guess you think you're british!), ba (bernie/dog), get (when bernie's being bad), uh oh, hot & yum!

~ Bring on the tunes, cause you got moves! You love to dance and will sway and twirl to any tune. You especially love to dance when daddy plays his guitar!

~ You are also into clapping right now and clap for anything- yourself, me or daddy, a clean diaper, a toy, food, anything! Maybe you'll be a little cheerleader!

~ You are a good player, and love to play with your Noah's ark, your pop-up toy, the ball, the fridge DJ, your baby doll & stroller, and any kind of bucket- your favorite game is to put things in and out of a bucket. Bernie is still your favorite toy, though!

~ You are a major water baby and love when we go to the pool, play with water toys, or just splash in the tub!

~ You will now give sweet hugs and kisses, though not always on command. You will sometimes blow kisses too. When daddy leaves for work you love to give him a kiss thru the railing at the stairs!

Thank you for being such a sweet baby girl! Daddy and I thank God daily for the gift of you and pray your little brother or sister will learn sweetness, gentleness and enthusiasm from you. It is fun and amazing to watch you grow each day, and see the wonderful person God created you to be come out more and more. Thank you for sharing your joy, your smiles and your sweet love!

love, mommy


The Phelps said...

I always love your letters to Georgia. She really is growing up. Why weren't lemons on her list of favorite foods? :) See you soon.
~Uncle Matt & Aunt Sandy~

Anonymous said...

Where has the time gone and how did she get to be 14 months already? She will be a wonderful big sister just like her mommy is and teach Hippo 2 all kinds of important things. But now you know how very special 1st children are and altho you will love all future hippo's, there is only one 1st baby! You are so blessed that it is sweet Georgia! Grammie