Friday, December 12, 2008

Grammie Time

It has been such a blessing having my mom here the last two weeks. She flew in pronto when I went into labor with Lincoln, and has been taking care of us, and especially Georgia, ever since. While it's been wonderful having someone taking care of things like dinner, laundry and feeding the dog, the best has been the extra-special attention she's given Georgia. And while we know we may have some Grammie-detox to do with Georgia after she leaves, it'll be worth it because I know they both have truly loved this time together.
Thanks so much and we love you, Momasita!

Here's a glimpse of the fun:
Making sugar cookies...

and a gingerbread house- Georgia wanted to taste all the gumdrops before putting them on the house!

Watching the FL v. AL game and snuggling with brother!

Riding the reindeer at the carousel in the mall!

Little elves ready for shopping!

We trade grandparents tomorrow, dropping mom off at the airport and picking up my dad. He'll be here thru Wednesday to extend our help and, of course, play with Georgia. We're all looking forward to it!
And, of course, here are some more pictures of our sweet boy :)
Lincoln: One Week Old!
Our sweet little boy
Kisses from big sister
Snoozin on daddy


The Phelps said...

Wonderful pictures - I know Grammie has been such a BIG help for y'all. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Grammie loved being there with the babies precious babies and can't wait to get back tomorrow. It was nice to get home as Grandad had decorated the tree and house for Chirstmas. Be back soon kids!!! Love Grammie