Sunday, December 7, 2008

Home with Lincoln

It feels great to be home! We got home late Wednesday and spent the last two days just getting settled. Larry went back to work since Grammie is here to help with Georgia. Georgia's enjoyed having the special attention, which is nice for me so I can focus on remembering what to do with a newborn! Nobody tells you that just because you've done this before doesn't mean you have all the answers the 2nd time! Lincoln has generally been a good boy, except he is either scared of the dark or unhappy with the firmness of his bassinet mattress, because he's spent the first two nights crying from about 12-4am. But overall we're doing great- he's eating well, and generally being sweet the rest of the time.
So far I have to think Georgia is at a great age to be getting a little brother. She's really self-involved enough at this age that this really hasn't affected her, in her mind. She'll want to come see brother, give him a kiss and pat on the head, and then she's on to find something else to do! But he's really not even on her radar. She's spent much more time on her baby-doll, strapping her into the swing, putting diapers on her and wiping her off, and carrying her around in her new baby-carrier that straps baby to her chest, like a Bjorn. (Thanks, aunt Karen!!)
Georgia gets to hold "brother"
I love how she smooshed his face in close for kisses!
I am thankful for how the Lord has sustained me with energy and patience. It seems you get a much-needed dose of both upon arriving home with a newborn. I've been so thankful for mom and Larry's help as we get settled into a feeding schedule that allows little time for sleep! But I'm also amazed on how the days are already slipping by- tomorrow Lincoln will be a week old and it still seems amazing that he's here. We're just trying to soak it all in as it goes by!
The Hipp boys hanging out at home!
Lincoln's first bath at home!


Shireen said...

I LOVE all the pictures!! You're gonna need to rename your picasa site..."Georgia & Lincoln's Photo Album!" :) Or maybe the Hippsters' Photo Album!! :)

Welcome home with Lincoln!

I know you're probably so tired but still thankful for every moment!

Georgia looks like she's enjoying brother Lincoln's company!! That's such a blessing!

Love you guys, and I do want to come and see yall before Rhys gets here. We're just so darn busy this holiday season! Whew!

Well, we'll have to come see you guys soon.

Love you, Kathryn.

The Phelps said...

I LOVE the pictures... especially the two of Georgia and Lincoln. GA's going to be a great big sister! We enjoyed spending Saturday with all of you. Now we've (and by 'we' I mean ME) all got to get ready for our little Logan to get here to play with Lincoln! See you soon!
Matt & Sandy

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. I'm sure that Lincoln will be right on schedule by the time I get there. Georgia -- you seem to be very grown up sitting there holding your little brother. Kathryn --you continue to keep everyone so well informed -- Grammie-- I will be there soon to relieve you ---love you all--- GrandDad

M said...

congrats Kathryn!! You guys look like you're doing great :)