Saturday, December 20, 2008

True Joy with Emily Joy Designs

I have to give a blog-shout out to Emily Joy Gresham of Emily Joy Designs. She is a photographer that was recommended to me by friend Brooke Chamblee. She has a fairly new photography business, but is gaining experience fast as word spreads of her great work.
I had been wanting to do some pictures with newborn Lincoln and of our new family of four, to use for Christmas cards (coming soon to a mailbox near you!) and to have as portraits. This sweet, so-tiny, wrinkly newborn stage passes so quick and I wanted to try to capture it. She got some beautiful pictures, despite having to work with a busy, whiny 20-month old, a hungry newborn, and our messy house. Yes-she even came to us!
She is very reasonably priced- $50 includes her sitting fee and a cd of all pictures. She does a lot of pictures at the botanical gardens too. And, I love the music on her website! :) I recommend her to you! (She also did the picture that's now the header of our blog & the family picture)

Here are few of my favorites:


Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Kathryn- The photos are wonderful!!! I am so glad it worked out with Emily Joy. She's so great!

Us said...

The pictures are beautiful! Ga and Lincoln look so sweet! We can't wait for the Christmas cards!

Anonymous said...

I love these natural shots.They are so much better than taking them to a studio.

Cindy E.

Misty said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Your children are so cute!!!
~Misty :)