Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Double-Bus

Yesterday I got ambitious and decided to try out our double-stroller for the first time. I picked it up at the Kids Market consignment sale last fall, anticipating nice long walks with both of my babies. Yesterday's sunshine provided the perfect opportunity- and we did have a nice walk! It felt great to stretch my legs, be out in the sunshine and get my heart rate up- maybe up more than I expected pushing the "double-bus" around! That's my new name for the stroller, since it's as big as a bus!! I got more workout than I bargained for pushing that thing up & down the hills in our neighborhood. Both kiddos seemed to enjoy the ride and the fresh air- hopefully our lives have settled down enuf that the double-bus will be a regular part of our routine!
Kiddos loaded up in the double-bus!
My little sunshine!
Sweet baby boy- that hat used to be my brother's!

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Anonymous said...

they look so precious and I know how much Georgia loved the walk!! Sorry it's been so cold now and you may need to wait for everyone to get healthy again to use it....but know it will be good for all of you! Just remember all those cold days in "Old Green" to get firewood wo we didn't freeze a tthe farm and know a little cold won't kill anyone! Hugs! Grammie