Friday, January 16, 2009

Singing thru Sickness

We've been quarantined in the house all week- Georgia has had a bad cold and shared it with the rest of us. So we've been passing the days with Tylenol, tissues and songs. So we have nothing exciting to share, except our voices :)

Georgia (& mommy) singing "The wheels on the bus"- one of her favorite songs since buses are her favorite vehicle. Oh yea, and she's covered in banana...

Lincoln says he can sing too! His song is called "Wooo-ahhh" (what more can you expect from a 6-week old!)...


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Anonymous said...

So sorry it's been so cold up there and everyone is sick. I hate to tell you but we've had some beautiful days (60-72) altho we have had fires almost every night as it drops into the low 50's. Hope everyone is feeling alot better soon and you can think of alot of fune and creative games for Georgia. tell her to keep her clothes on! Hugs Grammie