Monday, January 19, 2009

Fresh Air

Yesterday we took advantage of the break in cold weather to get out and play at the park. Apparently we weren't the only ones feeling cooped up as the park was crowded with kiddos. Despite all four of us still being sniffly, the fresh air and even more, the change in scenery was great!

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Anonymous said...

even if I'm the only one who loves this new update format, keep it going as I see things so much sooner! That is the best park altho Georgia scares me when she tries to go down all those big slides and I made her wait until I was at least there to make sure she didn't hurt herself when I took her. How are the geese and did you see the lady feeding them? Glad you felt well enuf to get out some and hopefully it will be a better week. Hugs! Grammie