Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beach in December

Since we live in Tampa now, that means it's only a 'cool' 60 degrees on December 30th, and because Georgia has been begging to go- we had a little lunch on the beach today! And, because I got a new camera lens that I haven't played with enough yet! :) So -here's your warning- this is a long, picture-y post!
While we unpacked lunch...

Georgia unpacked the important stuff.

She was so excited, she couldn't contain it!

Grandad took her down to the water's edge...

water apparently makes pants fall off when you have no tushy!

Lincoln's turn to explore...

Ignore the sweatshirts- apparently the water was warm enough for my kids!

Flying with the seagulls!
Our attempt at a group picture...
but she was not stopping for us!

Finally it was time to take our little mudballs home for a good nap!

Anyone ready to come visit yet?! :)

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Ashley Matteo said...

must be nice to enjoy the sun and beach. its 32 degrees and raining here! im glad yall are able to get out and enjoy it and it looks like your parents are LOVING having their grandkids so close. i liked the pictures, did you get a wide angle lens?