Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Lincoln!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Happy Birthday tooo LINCOLN!!!

Happy Birthday to YOU, sweet baby boy!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Bday precious sweet baby boy! You arrived quickly, early and have been such a sweet joy the last 12 months. Your fuzzy blond head is often covered with bruises as you enjoy each day to the max! You are still a wonderful snuggler and just putting you to sleep fills my heart and soul with peaceful joy! How blessed we are to have you in our home and heart. Your mommy, daddy and sister love you so much and your parents have created a family unit I only wish others could be blessed to have too! Huggles as I look forward to watching you continue to grow into a special big baby!! Grammie

Ashley Matteo said...

wow, i cant believe he is already a year old!!! glad yall are doing well in florida and i keep getting jealous of all the nice weather yall are having. well i hope sweet little lincoln has a great day. he keeps getting cuter by the minute

The Phelps said...

Happy Birthday, Linc! I was just telling Uncle Matt this morning how one year ago today, I had your big sister all day, and we thought Logan was months away! We love and miss you, sweet boy!