Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bulldozer Birthday Boy

Since Lincoln is like our own little bulldozer -always pushing thru things with steady energy- I thought it appropriate to celebrate his 1st Birthday with a Bulldozer theme- cake, shirt and gift! We had a little family celebration over Thanksgiving weekend. He liked the cake- though got mad when I wouldn't let him play with it, but didn't really want to play with the little smash cake I set up for him- instead he threw it on the floor. Twice. He did finally realize there was frosting all over himself and enjoyed licking it off his fingers! Meanwhile, his big sister was busy licking some frosting too! :) We enjoyed getting to have a fun celebration for our sweet baby boy!


Us said...

Happy Birthday Lincoln! We can't believe you are one today! Just a year ago we were visiting you in the hospital...you were wearing your little red and white striped hat! Time flies! And I think the bulldozer birthday was quite appropriate! We miss you. Love, the deVilleneuves

Matt, Debby and Sarah Grace said...

Happy Birthday Lincoln!!! You have grown up to be such a little man already. What a great cake!!! All our love and hugs - Sarah Grace