Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

What a fun and full Christmas we had this year! It was so great to be in our own home and get to start new traditions here. As we got the house decorated, Georgia was a little worried about the bareness under our tree- "we need some presents under our tree, mommy" she told me. (At least she didn't say SHE needed presents under the tree!) Well, Santa, family and friends came thru for her and our kids were thoroughly spoiled and blessed by their bounty of gifts! They've spent the days since Christmas morning exploring and discovering all their new treasures- ALL across the house! ;) Thank you to all who made our Christmas so much fun! It was a true celebration of our Savior's birthday in our home, and we hope in yours as well!
I have about a million pictures, and won't post all million, but put up as many favorites as I can, so this post may be a bit long!

Our little gingerbread house
Stockings hung with care...

St Nicholas was here! They found Lincoln's tool bench first, which kept them occupied long enough for mommy & daddy to get breakfast in the oven!

Then on to the rest of the surprises...

Lincoln kept going back and just wanting to play- there was a loose screw under here to fix!
MORE tools!!
A new princess to love- Beauty & the Beast.
An Auburn cheerleader for Georgia!
Making sure Grammie can get her presents open.
Ohhh! A Cinderella princess dress!!

BOOTS!!! (And she hasn't taken them OFF since this moment!)

All my cars!! (A clear favorite this year. They go everywhere with him- all 57 of them!)
So we really love this new truck to load them into!

Georgia got a giant Barbie dollhouse from Nana & Papa! "Wow!!" she said as we uncovered it!
Little brother's gotten to play with it too...
he thinks his truck likes taking a nap in there!

Georgia got a new rug for her room from Grammie & Grandad- perfect since the dollhouse now sits about where she is in this picture!

Enjoying a FL Christmas with sunny weather and short sleeves! No white Christmas down here!

Then it was on to Grammie & Grandad's to unwrap the goodies under their tree!

These noisy noisemakers from Grammie! The lawn tools will have to stay outside!!

Christmas night we had a fabulous dinner prepared by Grammie and got to share even more presents with Uncle Wes & Aunt Jen since Jen worked at the hospital all day. To end our fun day we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and had (cheese)cake!! The kids truly enjoyed celebrating this special Birthday, and we loved having such a great day with loved ones. Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love these Hipps! So very glad you got a great picture of Morgan in this story! Love you guys, aunt laura and uncle rick!