Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beautiful Beach Baby

I can still call her a "baby" since she has not turned one.. for two more days! And, as my mom still says, she'll always be my baby!! And, really, it should be babies- because they all three love the beach, and all three will always be my babies! In our recent day trip over to Pass A Grill, we had so much fun. Rosemary did great just chillin on the blanket under the umbrella for a long time, staying busy putting shells IN and OUT of a bucket. Then she wanted IN the water! She is such a water baby! In the pictures in the water with Grammie and Grandad below, what you can't see is her little legs just kick-kickin under the water in excitement! And she loves to just sit at the shoreline and let the water come up and splash her, as she watches big sister and brother run around. Truly a beach baby!

This picture was so sweet because big brother is rescuing her- she stood there so long her little feet sunk in the sand and she couldn't lift them out- so Lincoln is digging her feet out of the sand. Then he gave her a kiss and ran off again!

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