Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rosemary: 11.5 Months

Dear Rosemary,
Poor little third child... I posted this update this morning, and now it's late afternoon, and I just realized not only was I late in posting it, but I didn't even write an intro paragraph! So I'm coming back now to add it. It just seems wrong not to. And even though you're the third child, we still do nice things for you! They just may be a bit late! ;)
So now lets go through a few highlights from this last month- I know I had a lot more in my head, but these are the only ones that I could think of to finally get this post out. You are just growing and learning so quick! I watch you every day and think- "I should remember that, look how cute this is, look what she's doing now"! Just know that we are enjoying you every day, and love you so much!

~You are walking everywhere! You seem to think that if you're up, you should be moving. You used to play with your toys on the living room rug quite nicely, but now you are always up and going- even if it's just walking laps around the house. But usually it's not just walking- it's you getting into something! You empty cabinets, mess up bedrooms, and unroll toilet paper with lightning speed! Or the big kids will go running by, playing some game, and about 10 seconds later, here comes Rosemary- toddling after them! Often yelling like you're playing with them. Also, after busting your bottom many times, you've gotten the hang of picking something up while standing- it can be quite tricky for such a wee one!
~You're still not a great eater, surprise surprise, but you have finally started taking a full 8oz bottle, 3x per day. And you eat three meals, though sometimes a "meal" is just a bunch of puffs! You still turn your nose up at most finger foods, besides the basic puffs and cheerios. You love Cheerios! One day you found the pantry open and went right to the Cheerio box, and carried it around, trying to get in it. And it's almost as big as you are! You still drink water from your sippy cup, but recently I put a few oz of whole milk in it, to let you try it. Well, you had a bad reaction- messy diaper and blistered bottom, so we'll wait a bit to try that again. We are praying it's not some kind of allergy, just that your body wasn't ready for regular milk!
Eating is such a bore- I think I'd rather take a nap!
~After a month of serious teething, one of your top front teeth has finally -just- broken through the gum. The other front one looks to be right behind it. These will only be your third and forth teeth. My kids seriously take forever to get their teeth in. Maybe that's why they're not great eaters in the early years?!
~You still love your purple hippo lovey at bedtime, but also have become quite attached to your Curious George monkey lately. You sleep with one of each under your arms, and grab George to come with you when I get you out of your crib. Good thing is that we have plenty of monkey's around, thanks to Aunt Janet! ;) There's always one nearby for you to carry around and love on!
Hmmm- how many monkeys can I carry?
Two seems to be a good start- one for each hand! Let's go, friends!!
~It seems you are trying new "words" and sounds every day. Your latest has been "dah ooo"- thank you! You like to hand me something, say thank you, then I say thank you, over and over. Also, though you are a very sweet and good-natured girl, you have a bit of a temper. If something gets taken from you that you really want, or you get pushed over, or you get frustrated- you yell, and wave your arms fast, and will even try to bite! I'm really hoping you're not going to be a biter, like your brother was, but that it already seems to be your natural reaction is not a good sign. Another thing you do when you don't get your way- cover your mouth with one hand and do a terrible "fake-cry"- it's all very dramatic! Lets just say you WANT to communicate, but don't really know the best way yet! :)

~I can't believe you'll be a big ONE-year old in just a couple of weeks! It hits me in little ways how big you've gotten: that, after bath, you stand on the bath mat and let me dry you off, like the big kids. But then I still wrap you in a baby burrito! That you initiate peek-a-boo, and say "heyyy- ooooo!" When you find something funny- that really is funny, like you understand the reference! Or when you try to do something funny, just to make us laugh at you! When you give kisses, without being asked. You sometimes just lean into one of us with your open mouth, and plant a sweet wet one right on our cheek. That's the best big girl gift! :)
Sweet hugs for Blue Hippo- unbelievable that we are almost done with your year of weekly pics with him!
We'll celebrate your first birthday so soon! (Better get this update out before then!!) Love you so much, my sweet Rosemary!
love, Mommy

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