Thursday, April 1, 2010

Georgia's 3rd Birthday Celebration

Georgia- You are 3! Wow! How did that happen so fast! You are growing up to be such a sweet, fun, precious girl and you make all of our hearts happy to see your smile. We had a fun celebration for your 3rd birthday, and of course you loved all the presents and cake! You've been anticipating your birthday since December, when Lincoln got to celebrate his 1st birthday, and you were so excited it was finally your turn! Let's recap our fun in pictures:

Mommy made you a yummy chocolate cake with white & green frosting and gummy butterflies and bugs on it... I decided all cake decorators must go to handwriting school! It's hard writing with frosting!

Mommy & Daddy gave you a real, digital, (toddler-proof) camera, since you always pretend to take pictures of everyone and everything with your fingers, saying "!" Now you can show us the real pictures you're taking!

You loved opening presents, of course, and while you definitely appreciated all of your gifts, somehow the $2 cash register (calculator, you call it!) Grammie picked up at a consignment sale is your new favorite thing!!
Despite this face, you LOVE all the stickers aunt Sandy sent you, and the sweet coloring books! ;)
Of course, I had to include this picture of silly brother, with your babydoll's hat on!
Logan & Emma came to celebrate with you! This is the best picture we could get of all of you... but I did notice you're sitting in age order: Lincoln-1, Emma-2, Georgia-3, Logan-4!
Uncle Wes has been waiting for you to be big enuf to play basketball with him since you were born... and he must think you're finally big enuf b/c he gave you your own ball! Start practicing now and I bet one day you'll be able to out-dunk him!

Singing, Happy Birthday to Georgia!!!

May all of your birthday wishes come true, my sweet girl!
One more great pic- I can tell you're getting all grown up b/c you're already proficient in multitasking, like eating your cake and talking to Aunt Heather at the same time!

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