Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letter of the Week: E

First of all, sorry to those who have been missing our Letter of the Week posts. I never realized we had fans until I missed a few weeks! ;) We've been busy with selling & buying houses and, well, life, and I also realized one other important factor that started imposing on our Letter-time recently...

Baby Brother! It was just recently I gave in to his demand of no more morning naps, and that took away the time Georgia & I had in the mornings together. Because when you try to do letter activities with little brother around, you end up with him like the picture above, pulling on your leg, crying & whining because you won't let him eat the crayons or color on the walls with markers or smear the glue stick into the carpet... Not that we don't like to have a little brother hanging around, but it makes craft time a little more challenging!

So, after the fun of Easter it was a perfect time to learn the letter E. In fact, the first day of E week, I asked Georgia what letter Egg starts with and she promptly said E! So she was way ahead of me this time! Here's what we did for E:
E is for Egg- for our E we glued different color Eggs into the letter E... pretty simple, but she loves gluing! (Not that you can tell by the picture below ;)

E is for Easter Egg Tree: I saw this idea here and thought it was cute because you can trace your child's hand for the tree, and who doesn't love a little "hand-tracing" craft!? Gotta do those now while their hands are little and cute! ;) Then we colored little eggs with markers and crayons, and yes, I helped color b/c, again, she really wasn't into the coloring. And I was! Then she glued it all into a tree- very cute!

E is for Elmo: On Saturday we went to the new Seaseme Street kids park at Busch Gardens. Georgia was excited to ride the kiddie rides, climb up the big tree house, and watch Elmo, Abby Cadaby and other friends dance in the show! It'll be a great place to go play this summer!

Everyone was Excited about this Excursion!! :)
Hopefully we'll get back into regular letter-ing, and even find some letter activites that are little brother friendly!

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Jen said...

Such a cute egg tree! I have been missing your letter posts too. :)