Thursday, April 1, 2010

MOPS Egg Hunt

We got to start out Georgia's birthday with an Easter Egg hunt with our MOPS group at the Palma Ceia playground. It was a beautiful morning to be out hunting eggs, and an exciting way to start our birthday fun!
Down the slide together!
The little ones played out some energy before the hunt began...

Miss Melanie shared a special story about the meaning of Easter...
while some mommies "hid" the eggs!
Someone wasn't ready for the story to be over!
But it was time for the hunt to begin!
"Look what I found!!"
After that first egg, Lincoln realized they opened and spent the rest of the time under the stairs, opening the eggs and dumping out the goodies on the ground!
Don't worry- I think someone still got to enjoy those treats!

Finally, all our little "eggs" were tired out! What a fun time!

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Anonymous said...

you need to give this web site to all of your MOPS moms so they can see how cute and precious their kids were!!