Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Days

I know- I've been seriously slacking in my blogging. I've also been slacking in letter of the week-ing! My excuse? I've been trying to finish a sewing project (yes, I'm still doing that, or trying to do that!), and I've also found an old friend- reading. I love getting lost in a book for a few hours, but being a mom of 2 toddlers leaves little time for that, unless it's Curious George stories. Both are things that take up my 2 hour nap-time slot, and leave no time for blogging! So I'm putting the others aside for a few minutes to blog a bit for you!
Not that we've really been up to much... the weather has been wonderful. (You know we really haven't been doing much when I start out talking about the weather!) But really- it's been beautiful and we've been out enjoying it, knowing full well the Florida heat is right around the corner. So we've gone to the beach, and enjoyed popsicles, and played on the swing, and watered the flowers and practiced our basketball skilz... and had fun! Enjoy some pics- I know that's what you really come here for! ;)

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