Thursday, April 29, 2010

Georgia's NEW Gym

I've been meaning to share these for awhile- Georgia's gymnastics class! We started at the beginning of the year, and she'd call it her "new gym", since her "old" gym was the one she went to in Birmingham. Somehow the "newness" never wore off! She loved the trampoline, swinging from the trapeze, sliding down the zipline, and monkeying on the bars.
Practicing handstands

Georgia and her gymnastics-BFF, Addie, always jump together on the trampoline- ALWAYS! :)

The zipline- it's so funny to see them crash into the red wall at the end! And they all love it!

Up, up, little monkey! She also got really good at doing a forward roll over the bar!

At the end of each 6-week session, they have an "Awards ceremony" and each kid gets a ribbon. They should really just call it "Parent's Day" since it's just an excuse to bring your camera and snap multitudes of pictures (which only a fraction of will come out since they're all moving the whole time and you have a wiggly brother in your arms)!

Georgia loves her teachers and HAD to sit on Miss Tanya's lap to cheer on the other kids as they got their ribbons. And, of course, Addie HAD to sit with her!

We're taking a break from gym right now to do swim lessons, but can definitely see us getting our little monkey back in her leotard in the near future!

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Jason and Diana said...

thanks for your comment about the house! We are excited. Georgia looks so cute in her leotard and looks like a pro at the fun! I hope to start Tate in something in the fall...i hope she likes it as much as Georgia.