Thursday, February 9, 2012

AL Graduation Part 2

We were forced to once again celebrate within enemy lands, as we headed to Tuscaloosa for the graduation of Larry's cousin, Jaclyn, and brother-in-law-to-be, Jonathan, from The University of Alabama. Larry, Rosemary and I went up, and though it was a quick weekend trip, we did spend some great time with family and friends. And to say we are proud of these two is a major understatement. Both overcame many obstacles and hardships and persevered to accomplish something many said they probably couldn't- a college degree. And now they join Aunt Heather as the family's Tide graduates! We pray this gives them the confidence and momentum to accomplish many great things!
While I took pictures during the ceremony, Daddy did a great job getting this wiggly baby to do this... 

And then it was all about Picture Time! And there are double the pictures, since there were double the graduates...

Jonathan and Tyler
Jonathan and his brother, David
Jonathan and his family
Jonathan and his parents
Jonathan and the Hipps
Jonathan and more Hipps
The Graduates- Jaclyn and Jonathan 
Jaclyn and her grandparents
Jaclyn and her family
Jaclyn and us

The Cousins
Zach and Jaclyn
Jaclyn and her parents

Jaclyn and her brother, Joseph
Proof that's really Rosemary in that bundle- tiny stocking toes!
Thankfully Jaclyn and Jonathan both graduated from the same college, so we could do all these pictures at the same place, let alone be in the same graduating ceremony!

We are so proud of you both! Congratulations!!

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Anonymous said...

congratulations you 2.. this is a great accomplishment.. keep up the good work.. we are proud of you -- Denny and Peggy